10 Things You Can Get For Free On An International Flight!

The competition in the airline industry has increased a lot recently and this has helped customers in return. Flights have become cheaper than before and Airlines are offering a variety of services to the flyer.

Some of these services include free stuff that is being provided to make our long air travel easy.

So, go ahead and enjoy these free services that you can get when you fly with an International Airline

1.Basic Medical Facilities

This is an important service, which is mandatory for airlines to provide, by law. All commercial airlines have bandages for minor cuts, painkillers, antacids and other medical kit items.

So, in case you feel sick contact any member of the crew to get assistance. The crew is also well trained to tackle such situations and can help you.

You don’t need to worry during a medical emergency. All you need to do is to reach out to the crew.

2.Extra Snacks & Seconds

The small packets of snacks always leave us wanting for more. There is a common misconception that if you had your snacks once, you can’t have them again.

The good news is that you can ask for it the second time as well!

The flight crew will be more than happy to serve you with extra snacks, but they can do it only when they are done serving snacks to all the passengers.

The chances of having extra snacks increase at late night flights because many passengers avoid munching at that time.

3.Kid’s Essentials

Airlines care about their little flyers and do their best to keep babies and Kids at ease.

Many airlines provide parents with facilities like kid’s diapers, reheating the baby’s bottle or food, and baby bassinets for an infant.

The crew members are trained for short-term babysitting, which can be availed by parents during tiring moments on a flight.

4.Grooming kits

Airlines know the importance of looking sharp.

That’s why most of them are equipped with grooming accessories like hairbrushes, combs, toothbrushes, socks, shaving items, mouthwash, and moisturizers.

So, in case, you forget any of these items, ask the crew politely and avail the facility.

5.Cockpit Tours

This may seem a bit confusing, given the security inside an airplane cockpit, but if you ask, many pilots are more than willing to give mini cockpit tours before or after the flight.

The best time for a visit is usually after a flight has landed, since that’s when pilots tend not to be as rushed.

Many pilots love to get visitors, especially wide-eyed children. It makes their day to have the chance to show off their office.

6.Sanitizing Wipes/Tissues

The stream of passengers passing through airplanes each day turns tray tables, armrests, and entertainment-system buttons into germ factories.

If you’d like to clean your area before settling in, ask a flight attendant for a few sanitizing wipes. They often have them on hand, though it’s not something most passengers know they can ask for.

7.Water Bottle Refills

If onboard supplies allow it, flight attendants are usually willing to refill your empty bottle of water for you.

Since passengers who carry their own water bottles must empty them before going through security at the airport, this added service can come in extra handy for the hydration-conscious.

8.Help Switching Seats

Have a seat assignment that’s got you sitting far from a travel companion?

Flight attendants are often willing to help negotiate seat switches so you can sit together. They can help if there’s time, so if you’re going to ask for help, do it soon after boarding.

They may ask you to wait until everyone has taken their seats (or until you’re at cruising altitude), but it’s better to have your polite request on their mind for whenever they have a second.


Cheers! Most airlines offer free alcoholic beverages in first and business class and a selection of free wine/beer on international flights.

So if you need something to calm your nerves down at 30000 feet or just want to kick back and relax on your seat, don’t hesitate to go for that extra pint of beer, cause its free!

10.Wing Pins For Kids

Most airlines have cut free food and snacks for adults and kids, but many still offer little flyers wing pins to commemorate their flight.

Not all flights will have them, but there’s no harm in asking. Usually, flight attendants have them stashed somewhere in the cabin itself.

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