Airlines Decision To Charge For Web Check-In Under Scanner!

Low budget carriers IndiGo and SpiceJet had recently announced that they will now charge passengers for web check-in services. Due to this customers have been raising their concerns on various social media platforms.

However, the Ministry of Civil Aviation(MoCA) announced yesterday that they will now review the airline’s decision to charge passengers for any of the seats selected at the time of web check-in, to ascertain whether the move is in compliance with existing rules.

According to the MoCA’s twitter handle, the government has noted that airlines are now charging for web check-in for all seats and are reviewing these fees to see whether they fall within the unbundled pricing framework.

Earlier, the airline charged only for particular types of seats like a window or aisle seat or seats having extra legroom when passengers opted for online selection.

IndiGo will now charge Rs 100-800 for such selection online, depending upon the seat. For web check-in of a first-row seat, a passenger will have to pay as much as Rs 800 extra, while a non-reclining seat in row 12, which is next to the emergency exit, will cost an additional Rs 600 when selected online. A middle seat in the last row will cost Rs 100 more.

However, if you go directly to the airport and check-in on the spot you can select your seat for free, depending on the availability.

Web check-in provides convenience to travellers allowing them to opt for preferential seats.

However, making all seats chargeable will deter individuals from web check-in prior to their departure, resulting in longer airport queues both at the boarding desk as well as self-check-in kiosks.

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