Air Italy, Wow Air Start Direct Flights From Delhi!

In a bid to boost international air connectivity, European carriers Air Italy and WOW Air have commenced their direct flights from Delhi.

Both these airlines offer direct flights to destinations in North America & Europe.

Air Italy’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Rossen Dimitrov said the launch of its India-Italy sector represents another major step forward for the airline and reinforces its commitment to network expansion in Asia.

Kiran Jain, Managing Director, WOW air, said that the launch of the flight meant that passengers from India will be able to connect to 13 destinations in North America including Chicago, Washington DC, Orlando and NewYork within 145 minutes of arriving in Reykjavik.

Here are all the details about the flight schedules of both the airlines:

Air Italy

  • Air Italy will fly between Delhi and Milanthrice a week.
  • From next Friday, it will operate on Mumbai-Milan route 3 times using its 252-seater Airbus A-330 with 24 business and 228 economy seats
  • The aircraft has onboard Wi-Fi which will needto be switched off in Indian airspace as India is yet to allow the same
  • Economy passengers wishing to use onboard Wi-Fiwill, however, need to pay for the service


  • WOW Air will fly thrice a week between Delhi and Reykjavik(Iceland)
  • It also offers hopping flights from Iceland toNorth America and Europe.
  • The airline will be flying to 15 North American destinations which include Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Toronto andSan Francisco
  • European destinations include Paris & London

WOW Air is the first airline which will allow direct connection between India and Iceland ever. Italy, on the other hand, has regular direct flights to and from India with Air India and Alitalia operating on these sectors.

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