Delhi Airport Better Equipped To Handle Fog This Winter!

Delhi International Airport Limited(DIAL) released a statement saying that Indira Gandhi International Airport will be better equipped to tackle dense fog this winter.

According to DIAL officials the national capital is expected to witness three to four spells of dense fog in the coming weeks.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), the busiest in the country, handles around 1,300 flight movements every day , which is around 74 flight movements every hour. But On account of fog, the airport capacity reduces by around 40 % of the normal capacity in terms of flight movement per hour.

To handle peak hour holiday traffic, DIAL has made sure that there is sufficient food & beverage at all terminals, better system to display updated flight information & other such facilities that the passengers and airlines may require.

Also, IGIA is well equipped to handle aircraft operations safely during the periods of poor visibility. For this, the low visibility procedures (LVP) for handling air traffic during fog have been put into place for all air traffic controllers.

Operations are closed if the runway visibility range drops below 50 metres. However, There are 139 parking stands equipped with aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) system which helps aircraft to operate in CAT IIIB* conditions. In addition there are 89 parking stands available under manual guidance.

Dense fog is expected in the last week of December and there are likely to be three to four spells in the coming weeks, so plan your trip accordingly.

*CAT IIIB refers to flight operations when the runway visibility range is 175 metres and not less than 50 metres.

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