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How has Technology Affected Air Travel?

Air travel has changed a lot since the first commercial aircraft took flight in 1914 where a mayor traveled in Florida for 21 miles on a paid seat. Everything changes with time and so did commercial aviation. There was a time when people use to read newspapers or magazines to keep them occupied. Now we have entertainment systems installed and have Wi-Fi services enabled in domestic airlines too. We have better aircraft and friendly cabin crew. Everything has changed about commercial aviation and now the focus is more on customer service and security. All of this happened due to the digitization of commercial aviation. Air travel was the first one to get digitized amongst all kind of travel services. Let’s see the impacts of digitization on commercial aviation and how is it helping customers. 


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Claim Your UDF Refund upto Rs. 1,200!


This is some good news for Air Travelers. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has vacated the stay order given by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court and this has resulted in reduction in the User Development Fee (UDF) which was being charged by the Delhi Airport. Hidden in the taxes of your flight ticket is UDF (code IN) which is charged by the airports for the development of the airport infrastructure. Link to the circular for refund from DGCA.

Passengers Old UDF at Delhi Airport New UDF at Delhi Airport
Departing Domestic Passengers Rs. 245.02 – 490.04 Rs. 10.00
Arriving Domestic Passengers Rs. 207.32 – 414.65 Rs. 0.00
Departing International Passengers Rs. 565.43 – 1130.85 Rs. 45.00
Arriving International Passengers Rs. 461.77 – 932.95 Rs. 0.00

*Rates above are exclusive of taxes and might vary based on date of booking

Are you eligible?

If you have flown or are going to fly out of or into Delhi Airport after 7th July 2017 and have booked your tickets on or before 7th July 2017 you are eligible for UDF refund from the Airlines which can be upto Rs. 1,216.00 per passenger per flight.


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