10 Tips To Work Efficiently On An Airplane!

For many travellers, flying means going on a trip to get away from all things related to work.

But for some, in-flight time is just another day at the office!

Business travellers get their work done faster on an airplane because there are no office distractions.

But what about the lack of space or the constant chatter inside the airplane?

To tackle these things, here are some useful tips that will help you get your work done on an airplane, the next time you fly!

1.Choose Your Seat Wisely

With airlines increasing the number of seats and decreasing the passenger’s space to sit these days, it’s important to choose the right seat.

If you’re flying business or first class then its fine, but it can get really cramped up if you are working on an economy class seat.

Choose a seat in the emergency exit row or a bulkhead seat. These seats used to be free but now they cost extra unless you’re an elite frequent flyer with the airline.

So go ahead and start saving for your next business trip!

2.Have A Work Plan

Well before your flight takes-off, set a game plan for the work you’re about to attempt on the flight.

This means creating a timeline of what tasks you’ll do, what information you’ll need to complete that task and what end goals you’ll want to meet by the time the flight is over.

Trust us, this sounds like a hectic task but it will help you work efficiently and will make things easier for you on the flight.

3.Download Your Work

If you’re flying internationally, there will be huge possibility that your airline will offer wi-fi.

But if you’re flying in India, make sure you download your work well in advance since inflight wi-fi is not available on domestic flights for now .

Download all your important emails, spreadsheets, web page links for research work and store them in a separate folder. This way it will help you keep things organised.

4.Use A Tablet/Mini Laptop

One of the biggest challenges of getting work done on an airplane is not having adequate room for typing.

Rather than carrying a normal laptop, invest in a mini laptop which is light to carry and easy to use on an airplane.

You can also carry a tablet with an external keyboard which you can grab at your local computer store.

5.Carry An Extra Battery/Power Bank

There’s nothing worse than receiving a pop up in the middle of your work, saying that you have only 10% battery left.

This problem is being solved by power outlets installed in your airplane seat but many airlines don’t have this facility.

Airlines allow you to carry laptop batteries and power banks in your carry-on luggage. So take advantage of this and keep your device charged up.

6.Use A Screen Protector

Many people have this habit of prying into your laptop on an airplane. Who can blame them, sometimes flights can get a bit boring!

But if you don’t want people staring at that next best-selling book you’re writing or your top-secret spreadsheet, then invest in a screen protector for your laptop or tablet.

Screen protectors are designed in such a way that only the person sitting right in front of the device can see the screen clearly.

You won’t be distracted by your fellow passengers and can get your work done in peace.

7.Watch Out For Front Seats

If you’re not sitting in a bulkhead seat or emergency exit row, be aware of person sitting in front of you.

Passengers are mostly oblivious and tend to recline their seat without giving a warning.

If your laptop is pressed against their seat, chances are that your screen might crack or even break if they recline quickly.

To avoid this, let the fellow passenger in the front seat know that you’re working and request them politely to let you know whenever they plan to recline their seat.

8.Be Careful Of  Your Drink

When using your laptop on the airplane, be careful of accidental drink spills.

Whenever the cabin crew comes with the pantry tray, make sure that you close the laptop screen so that nothing will spill or splash on your device.

Also, power off and keep your device aside while you take a break and sip on your coffee. You’ll avoid any drink-related accidents and can give your eyes some rest.

9.Carry Noise Cancelling Headphones

When you have a lot of work to do and need to focus, noise cancelling headphones can be your perfect companion.

They help drown out the ambient noise and conversations happening around you. It’s also a subtle way of letting people know that you don’t want to be disturbed.

So go ahead and listen your favourite ‘work-mode’ tune or work in silence with those headphones on. The choice is yours!

10.Rest Before Your Flight

Everyone knows that travelling can be an exhausting task.

If work needs to be completed on the airplane, make sure you’re well rested before you start your journey.

If you do this, you’ll be productive throughout your flight and won’t be tempted to take a nap during your important work.

Working outside your office can be really hard and working on an airplane adds to that challenge. Hopefully, with these tips you’ll be able to get your work done efficiently the next time you fly.

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Switch your work-mode on and Fly Stress-Free!

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