5 More Indian Airports To Allow Tag-Free Hand Baggage!

To make a passenger’s airport experience hassle-free, Central Industrial Security Force( CISF) has been continuously bringing changes to its airport security procedures.

On Monday, CISF announced that they will stop the practice of hand baggage stamping at the Khajuraho Airport, Swami Vivekanand Airport in Raipur, Jorhat Airport, Dimapur Airport and Shillong Airport.

A total of 42 Indian airports, including the 5 airports mentioned above, have done away with hand baggage stamping.

This new airport security regime was launched in April 2017 by CISF in consultation with the Civil Aviation Ministry and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS).

In order to implement this system, airports have had to upgrade their security arrangements by installing smart cameras and other high-tech security equipment.

According to a CISF Official, the operators of these 5 airports were asked to increase the length of the conveyor belt of the x-ray machine, so that handbags could be checked easily.

CISF Director, General Rajesh Ranjan, had recently released a statement saying that this practice will be implemented on all airports under CISF, by the end of 2018. Currently, CISF handles the security at 60 airports across India.

The old process of stamping hand baggage had become a major irritant for air travellers and airport authorities around India received many complaints about it.

Passengers complained that this process is a hassle for them because its very time consuming and in case they forgot to get it tagged, security personnel at the boarding gate would send them back.

CISF has acted upon these complaints and with technology advancing at a fast pace, all these procedures have now been replaced by smart gadgets to better equip security personnel at the airport.

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