Floods May Force Authorities To Shutdown Cochin Airport!

After winning UN’s prestigious “Champions Of Earth” award, it seems like there is some bad news for Cochin Airport!

Authorities at the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) may have to close the airport down due to a flooding situation in the region.

CIAL is keeping their fingers crossed as the water levels are rising at the Idukki and Idalamalyar dams due to heavy rainfall.

According to a senior official at CIAL, if the Idamalayar dam and Idukki dam are opened simultaneously, Cochin Airport will not be able to escape flooding once again.

However, he said that if the flow of water from Idukki Damn is regulated, it will not affect or pose any problems for the airport. He added, that a team is monitoring the situation every 2 hours and the necessary equipment has been moved to the first floor of the airport. In case there is an emergency situation, the rest of the equipment is ready to be shifted to a safer place.

In 2013, officials had to shut down Cochin Airport, when the adjoining Chengal Canal overflowed after opening the upper Sholayar dam and four shutters of Idamalyar dam due to heavy rainfall, leading to massive floods.

Ever since this happened, CIAL started construction work to increase the depth of the Chengal Canal to handle the water-flow during rains. They also reinforced the outer boundaries of the canal and the airport, to prevent flooding.

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