Delhi Airport Will Soon Deploy Bomb & Bullet Proof Vehicles!

In recent months, a lot of questions have been raised over the amount of security at airports in India!

In response to those questions and to raise security levels, authorities at the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) are planning to procure bullet-proof vehicles for the airport’s security.

These vehicles will be used by Central Industrial Security Force’s (CISF) Quick Response Team (QRT) to counter a crisis situation that may arise in the future.

Delhi Airport will become the first airport in India to deploy such vehicles for security purposes.

The per unit cost of these bullet-proof vehicles will be somewhere around Rs 25 to 40 lakh which will also have light machine gun installed in them. The vehicles will also be bomb resistant. Authorises are planning to deploy 7 such vehicles at the Delhi Airport.

At a time when there have been many vehicular terrorist attacks ( Also Known As Lone-Wolf Attacks) globally, these vehicles will help security teams, to counter such attacks and protect one of the busiest airports in the world in a better way.

The measure has been taken after a series of alerts from intelligence agencies about the possibility of such an attack by terror outfits. CISF is hoping that these vehicles will arrive before this year’s Independence Day.

According to a senior CISF official, these bullet-proof vehicles will patrol the periphery of the airport and will keep a tight check around the terminal areas. There are adequate security checks before anybody gets inside the airport, therefore, no attack can take place within the terminal.

In June 2007, Glasgow airport in Scotland witnessed a terrorist attack wherein a vehicle loaded with propane cans rammed into the glass doors of the airport terminal and was set ablaze.

Delhi Airport falls under the category of “hypersensitive airports of the country”. To tackle such situations, these multi-utility vehicles will be the only resort.


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