10 Things That Are Restricted On Airplanes In India!

Planning to go on a vacation to your dream destination?

Well, You definitely don’t want to start off your trip by being pulled out by the security personnel at the airport because of that ‘Restricted Item’ you forgot to remove from your bag.

Often with the excitement of beginning a new travel journey, we forget to check the things that might cause hindrance in our travel plans.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

To help you pack efficiently for your next trip, here’s a list of items that most international or domestic airlines in India don’t allow you to carry or have certain restrictions on them.


Mechanical tools such as saws, hammers, drills, wrenches, pliers etc are not allowed in hand baggage.

This is because they can be used to physically harm/threaten people or destroy airline/airport property. Make sure that your bag doesn’t even have a tiny screwdriver before you leave.

However, you can pack them in your checked-in luggage and has to be wrapped properly.


The extent of why scissors are despised by airlines can be proven by the fact that it comes on two types of lists of prohibited items – once under sharp objects and again under personal items.

Scissors of any kind aren’t allowed in flights, whether it’s a grooming scissor or a normal one.


Lighters are banned from flights for obvious reasons!

They can cause fire because of their combustible nature, so you must not carry them with yourself.

Another important thing to note here is that even matchsticks aren’t allowed on flights.

4.Toy Weapons

Kids love toys and we often pack it to keep them busy on flights, but if those toys are replicas of weapons, airport authorities will ask you to get rid of it.

Make sure you don’t pack such toys in your or your kid’s bag. They aren’t allowed in check-in luggage as well as hand-baggage.


Knives, just as mechanical tools, can be used as an arm to hurt people.

Whether it’s a small knife or a big one, you can’t carry one in your check-in or hand luggage.

However, there’s an exception that allows you to carry a butter knife which has round edges and not sharp ones. But you will definitely be asked to open your bag even if you have a butter knife, so avoid carrying one.


Of course, guns are a big ‘No-No’, but here we are referring to Martial arts and Self-defence items.

Things such as Brass Knuckles, Nunchuks, Mace/Pepper Spray, Stun Guns/Shocking Devices or Throwing Stars aren’t allowed on the flight.

You can pack them in your check-in bag, however, you can be asked to step aside at the security queue while your bag is checked physically.

7.Power Banks

Power banks aren’t allowed in the check-in luggage because they contain lithium cells and they have a tendency to combust.

However, you can carry around a power bank in your hand or even put it in your hand-baggage.

8.Radioactive Material

Corrosive items like acids, alkalis, mercury, batteries, oven or drain cleaners are not allowed on airplanes.

The carriage of pencil battery cells is now allowed only if its attached to the device you’re carrying. But loose cells can only be carried in carry-on bags and not in checked-in luggage.


We all see magnets every day and they seem harmless, but for an airplane, they can be catastrophic.

An aircraft has a standby compass in the cockpit which is a normal magnetic compass. This compass must be fitted and must be working in case of extreme instrument failure.

Magnetic goods in the cargo can interfere with this compass and for precautionary reasons, they don’t allow them in your bag.

It can also interfere with the sensors fitted on aircraft and can cause electrical noise.

A few examples are briefcases attached with alarm sensors or toys with magnets inside them.

10.Spray Paints

The paint inside the can is combustible and spray paints cannot be carried in either hand baggage or check-in luggage.

In fact, any kind of paint cannot be carried because they come under the ‘Flammable Liquids’ category.

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