Kolkata Airport Get New Trolleys For The Upcoming Festive Season!

Kolkata airport handles about 50000 passengers a day. With flights scheduled between 6 AM and midnight, around 2,700 persons either arrive at or depart from the airport per hour. Luggage trolley is the first thing that a passenger looks for at the airport.

In a bid to provide better services to passengers during the upcoming festive season, Kolkata Airport has got a set of 600 new baggage trolleys at the airport.

The new baggage trolleys will help the airport manage the passenger rush at the airport during the Durga Puja and other upcoming festivals.

According to airport officials, the new consignment is part of a 4000 trolley-supply deal with a Mumbai based firms, Delite Systems Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Till now the company has supplied 3100 new trolleys, including the 600 which Kolkata Airport received on Saturday. The rest of the trolleys are expected to arrive by the end of 2018.

Here are a few salient features of the new trolleys –

  • It has a rear wheel cover to prevent apparel such as “Dupattas” or longs scarves getting tangled in them.
  • It is lighter than the previous trolleys
  • It has a lower luggage platform which will increase the load capacity and make it more spacious
  • Front wheels are designed in the shape of an aircraft’s nosewheel, making it agile and easy to move.
  • Overall, it has a better design as compared to the old trolleys

At Kolkata airport, finding a trolley has been a problem, especially during busy hours or late at night. On top of that, Passengers have had to deal with poor customer service at the airport because of which the airport rankings have gone down.

Hopefully, with such initiatives, the passenger experience will improve, and the ratings of the Kolkata airport will go up. This move will also help the airport management to streamline the trolley system making it easier and smoother for them to handle.

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