Cochin International Airport Resumes Flight Operations After 2 Weeks!

Cochin International Airport, which is the 4th busiest airport in terms of international traffic in the country, has finally resumed flight operations after 14 days.

The airport was rendered dysfunctional since 15 August, after heavy rainfall and floods created havoc in the state of Kerala.

It has been reported that the airport has suffered an estimated loss of Rs 200-250 crores after it was shut down.

The airport has commenced full-scale operations, both international and domestic, with an Indigo flight from Ahmedabad making the first landing at around 2.05 p.m. on Wednesday. In total there were 33 landings and 34 departures of different flights till midnight.

The airport was earlier scheduled to commence operations on Sunday but had extended the date by three days after most stakeholders, including airlines and ground-handling agencies, expressed concern over returning back to work from the traumatic flood situation.

For the past three days, more than 1,000 people were engaged in putting the airport back in order, cleaning and repairing the systems which became non-functional after flood waters entered the complex.

The runway, taxi bay, duty-free shops and other areas of international and domestic terminals were submerged, damaging electrical equipment, including runway lights.

The airport was first closed on August 9, for a few hours, after which it was again shut on August 15. Cochin International Airport is the busiest of three airports in Kerala and handled 10 million passengers in 2017-18

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