Chennai Airport To Introduce ‘E-Gates’ From 2020!

In the near future, air passengers flying out of the Chennai airport may not have to stand in long queues at the entrance to get their tickets and ID proof checked to enter the terminal.

Airport authorities are all set to introduce camera-enabled ‘E-Gates’ which use facial recognition technology to verify a passenger’s identity.

As part of the government’s “DigiYatra” initiative, Chennai airport will have these gates from the entrance of the terminal to the boarding gate. The scheme aims to develop a digital ecosystem that will offer a seamless, consistent and paperless service experience at airports.

Here are all the details about it:

  • E-gates with cameras and scanners will be installed at entry gates of the terminals, check-in area, security check gates and boarding gates where passengers will be allowed, based on face recognition technology.
  • The e-gate at the entry gate of the terminal will capture the QR code of tickets and face of the passengers.
  • It will then match it with the database to allow entry through the gates at check-in, security and boarding.
  • Passengers will have to register in DigiYatra to use these gates.
  • They will get an ID number, which they have to submit when they travel for the first time through these e-gates.
  • Passengers can then travel paperless through the airport after that.
  • The system should be in place and ready to use by end of 2019.

According to a senior official at Airports Authority Of India (AAI), the technology will be introduced in two phases at various airports and Chennai will get it in the second phase. A tender will be floated in a month to install this technology at airports in Pune, Varanasi, Kolkata and Vijayawada as a pilot project.

If the trial run is successful, this technology will be implemented at other airports across India.

This system has many benefits. Passengers can beat the queue and it will be easy for airline authorities to locate passengers inside the terminal. It will also improve the security system at the Chennai airport.

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