Exhibition Organized At Delhi Airport To Educate First-Time Flyers!

With the aim of removing fear and reluctance from first-time flyers, Airports Authority Of India(AAI) organized an international exhibition at the Indira Gandhi International Airport(IGIA) in New Delhi.

The exhibition was conducted between 5th and 7th October as part of the 21st India International Security Expo, to make people aware of different security protocols and security drills that flyers have to go through.

They did this by displaying a replica of the airport security area with metal detectors, baggage scanning machines and explosive trace detectors so that visitors are familiar with the security protocols that are followed at the airport.

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel from IGIA were in charge of the security drill, who explain patiently to the visitors, the list of things to be kept in mind while flying.

With a surge in air traffic, people from all walks of life are now travelling by air thanks to the government’s UDAN scheme. To help these new flyers this expo was organised.

Capt. R.K.Malik, General Manager of Security at AAI, released a statement in the media saying that, “Hawai chappal waale log hawai jahaj mein safar karein (people in slippers should be able to travel in flights)” has been the moto of the UDAN scheme. AAI’s endeavour through this exhibition is to simulate the airport experience for these first-time flyers, so when they visit an airport they are neither nervous nor confused.

He also said that through this they will be more co-operative thereby, helping them to enhance security at Indian airports.

AAI also displayed a full-body scanner, which is yet to be introduced at Indian airports, to prepare people for airports of the future.

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