Top 10 Airports In The World For A Foodie!

Stuck with a long layover at the airport and a hungry tummy?

Figuring out what to eat is often a dreaded task for many air travellers. Between the salty fast food, stress and struggle to find a seat, airport dining isn’t typically known for its desirability.

Thankfully, airports around the world are changing this and adding more world-class restaurants to cater to all types of foodies and weary flyers.

To give you some idea about how far good airport dining has come, here are the top 10 airports in the world to satisfy the foodie in you while you travel

1.Hong Kong International Airport

The third busiest international airport in the world has some amazing food to offer to its guests!

Hong Kong International Airport has won many awards for giving travellers a dining experience that they never forget.

From “Caviar House & Prunier” to “Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao”  the consistently positive dining reviews here speak for themselves.

And if you’re craving for some delicious dumplings/authentic street food and are on a budget, try Tian Xia Dumplings which is located in Terminal 2.

2.Singapore Changi International Airport

The world’s best airport offers a number of authentic and quality dining options to travellers from around the world.

The rows of street food stalls on your way to the boarding gate will surely stop you in your tracks by offering you authentic dishes like fish-head curry, spiced pork-rib soup and mutton noodles.

The best part about this airport is that it offers a variety of different cuisines which are delicious and not very expensive.

Do visit “Imperial Treasure” for some lip-smacking Cantonese food, which is located at the airport’s Terminal 3

3.Seoul-Incheon International Airport

This South Korean airport has a lot to offer to its travellers. Casinos, spas, a premier golf course, museum and of course, authentic food.

The airport has many options for foodies but it is particularly famous for ‘Bon Bibimbap’ which is located at Terminal 1 F.

Bibimbap is a warm Korean dish that mixes rice with mixed vegetables and seafood, beef or chicken which is pretty spicy but soul fulfilling.

A comforting bowl of bibimbap is the best way to prep for a long-haul international flight.

4.Tokyo Narita International Airport

Even though Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport is one of the more famous airports from Japan, Narita International Airport is known for its fantastic selection of Japanese food all around the world.

Yakitori, sushi, udon, tonkatsu, you name it! The high-quality dining experience at Narita makes it one of the best airports in the world for authentic food.

And the best part, it suit’s every travellers budget!

5.Taoyuan International Airport

This Taiwanese airport lacks in choice when it comes to food but, more than makes up for it with food quality and price.

Even if you’re here in transit, you’ll get to try a number of local Taiwanese dishes that are quick and delicious such as bubble tea and handmade noodles.

You should surely visit the “Chun Shui Tang” café which is famous for its Chinese and Taiwanese food.

6.Munich Airport

Like the country itself, Munich Airport is very famous for its in-house breweries and authentic Bavarian delicacies.

The only shortcoming for a foodie travelling through this airport is that restaurants offer food almost 40 % above the average rate. But if you have no budget restrictions then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Plus passengers are spoilt for choice for restaurants which offer high-quality food.

Visit  “Airbräu”, a Bavarian restaurant that has a large indoor beer garden, live music, and its own on-site brewery. Enjoy a glass of their house-made beer alongside a selection of tasty Bavarian treats.

7.Hamad-Doha International Airport

Apart from an amazing shopping experience, Hamad Airport in Doha has a lot to offer when it comes to food.

You can find both gourmet and on-the-go bites at the airport.

Its food court has everything from Indian and Arabic cuisine, pasta/pizza to organic sandwiches on display for passengers to eat.

If you’re looking to indulge in some hearty Italian dishes visit celebrity chef, Massimo Capra’s restaurant, “Soprafino”.

8.Vienna International Airport

The city of Vienna is famous for its coffee houses and its airport is the perfect representation of this.

The airport has different cafes and restaurants that offer a wide selection of delicious tortes, cakes, strudels along with some coffee at an affordable rate.

These hand-made delicacies are the perfect pre-flight snack for those with a sweet tooth.

9.London Heathrow Airport

More than 75 million hungry travellers have passed through Heathrow’s gates, making it the second-most travelled international airport.

Its one of the most top rated airport in terms of food quality, thanks to restaurants owned by celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey’s “Plane Food”.

“Wagamama” is also another crowd attractor which offers Asian comfort food like gyoza, soba, udon and ramen.

The only drawback of this airport is that even though the quality of food is top-notch at its restaurants, it is pretty expensive.

10.Amsterdam -Schiphol Airport

Schipol Airport has a bit of everything, from fine dining to more budgeted options, for different travellers.

Price and choice wise, food at the airport is very traveller friendly, however, when it comes to quality it’s not as good as London Heathrow or Singapore Changi.

Schiphol has “Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar”, the best airport bar in the world. It offers a wide selection of bubbly Champagne, plus dozens of other wines along with tasty and fresh seafood.

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