South India’s 1st “Airport Radio” Launched At Hyderabad Airport!

Passengers flying to/from Hyderabad Airport will now be greeted with music!

GMR  Hyderabad International Airport Ltd(GHAIL), the operator of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, has launched an Airport Radio in collaboration with Radio Mirchi.

‘Mirchi Airport Radio’, which is South India’s first Airport Radio, has been launched under GHIAL’s signature #PassengerIsPrime programme.

According to a press release by GHIAL, Mirchi Airport Radio is a 24×7 custom-produced, exclusive airport radio, creating a melodious theme to enhance the travel experience of the passengers at the airport.

According to the CEO of GHAIL, Mr. S.G.K Kishore, the concept of airport radio is one of GHIAL’s many initiatives to improve the passenger experience. He hopes that the passengers will enjoy this welcoming and melodious feature that the Airport offers during their travel.

The airport and Radio Mirchi have co-curated the popular and chart-busting musical numbers with a mix of film and non-film (albums) in Telugu and Hindi languages.

Hyderabad International Airport handles over 55,000 passengers on a daily basis. Typically a passenger stays at the airport from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on his/her travel.

Airport radio – Mirchi Hyd will offer the passengers a musical treat across the 1.2 lakh square metre expanse of the terminal building and delight them.

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