Airport Authorities To Set Up “DigiYatra” Kiosks At City Centers!

There is some good news for air travellers who want to make the use of Government’s “DigiYatra” initiative.

Air passengers who want to gain hassle-free and smooth access to airports will soon be able to verify their Digi Yatra ID at city centers & common marketplaces.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation is planning to set up kiosks at various city centers, Indian Railways stations and at other crowded places where passengers can verify the Digi Yatra ID.

These kiosks will help passengers verify their identity at the city centers and walk straight to the departure terminal.

To start using their DigiYatra ID at the kiosks, passengers will be required to undergo a one-time verification process to ensure that the ID is original.

According to an Airports Authority Of India (AAI) official, multiple checkpoints and separate facilities will be created by the AAI at crowded tourist areas, where the frequency of air travellers will be more.

Passengers travelling via air can get themselves an ID under the DigiYatra by providing details like their name, e-mail ID, mobile number and details of one approved identity proof. This ID can be then shared by the travellers while booking tickets. The airline company will then share the information, along with the Digi Yatra ID.

Passengers with a DigiYatra ID will have to undergo a one-time facial verification during his/her first travel. This verification will take place at the departure terminal of the airport. A security official or an airport authority will be present during the verification, in order to ensure that the traveller is not using a fake ID.

One the verification is completed successfully, the passenger’s facial biometric will be captured and stored in his/her DigiYatra ID profile. So the next time the passenger travels, their face will act as a boarding pass and they can complete their airport journey without ever taking out a ticket or ID proof.

If the passenger has chosen Aadhaar as an ID proof for creating the Digi Yatra ID, their verification will be valid for five years, else it will be valid for one year only.

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