New International Terminal At Hyderabad Airport To Open On 23rd October!

All international flight departures will take place from the Interim International Departures Terminal (IIDT) at Hyderabad Airport starting Tuesday, 10.30am onwards.

Airport authorities have released a press release , asking passengers to check with their respective airlines about their flight schedule, before they leave for the airport.

Passengers booked on Air India’s international flights AI 127, AI 952, AI 978, AI 988, AI 966 & AI 051 and travelling to domestic destinations ,also have to report to IIDT.

The IIDT is located adjacent to the Haj terminal and can be accessed from both Shamshabad and Srisailam sides of the airport’s main approach road.

Signage with directions to IIDT have been placed starting from the airport approach road. A dedicated free shuttle service has been arranged between the existing terminal and IIDT. It will be available at the arrivals ramp and will operate at regular intervals.

The IIDT is 2 km from the main terminal, and transit between the two takes about five minutes. Volunteers have been deployed at the parking spots and entrance to help the passengers for the first few days to avoid confusion.

The new terminal, which was launched on 10th October, is said to be equipped with new technologies including India’s first remote hand baggage screening facility.

Together with the new automatic tray retrieval system at hand baggage screening, will help security do conduct their baggage checks much faster, plus it will also help passengers since it will reduce their waiting time in the security line.

In case of any query, passengers have been advised to contact the following helpline numbers: 040-66546370; 040-66606660


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