Turkey Unveils The World’s Largest Airport In Istanbul!

Turkey is all set to assert itself as the global hub for travel, as it inaugurates the “Istanbul New Airport”, which is the world’s largest airport to be built from scratch.

The airport, which will be fully functional over the next decade, has six runways and the whole airport is larger than all of Manhattan put together.

Not just that, it will be able to handle 200 million passengers per annum when fully operational, which is almost double of Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (The Busiest Airport In The World) located in Atlanta which handled 103 million passengers in 2017, with over 2,500 flights operated every day.

There are currently three terminals planned for Istanbul’s New Airport.

The Istanbul New Airport’s architecture reflects the rich cultural heritage of Istanbul, with the design inspiration coming from Istanbul’s various mosques, baths, domes and other historic structures. As you land, you will notice the ATC tower, which has been designed in the shape of a tulip, Turkey’s national flower.

The first flight took of yesterday from the newly inaugurated airport. Turkish Airlines flight TK2124 with 340 people on board completed its maiden flight from Istanbul to Turkey’s capital, Ankara.

For now, only 1 terminal is open as part of its 1st phase of operations. This terminal is the world’s largest airport terminal under one roof, with a capacity to handle 90 million passengers per day.

Turkish Airlines will operate 5 flights a day from this airport November 1 onwards, which will include three domestic and two international flights. For the next couple of months, it will use the airport code ISL and will use these five flights as a test case to complete the 1st phase by the end of 2018.

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