New Info-Sharing Platform To Make Kolkata Airport More Efficient!

Flight delays and mid-air holding of flights because of congestion of airplanes on the ground have reduced at Kolkata Airport, thanks to a new common information-sharing platform.

This platform enables the airport operator, airlines and other agencies to process information accurately and take immediate, more precise decisions saving time for flyers, fuel for airlines and reducing carbon emissions.

The Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) system also enables flyers to get accurate information on arrival times of their flights.

A-CDM is currently active at 25 airports across Europe and Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in India.

Here are a few benefits of the new A-CDM system:

  • Overall improvement in the efficiency of airport operations.
  • Orderly flow of air traffic.
  • Optimization of airport and airspace capacity
  • Reduction in carbon emission and pollution, due to the saving of fuel
  • Predictability of delays and swift distribution of information to all partners.

Here’s an example of how the system will work:

  • If an incoming flight is delayed by eight minutes, A-CDM will accurately predict the aircraft’s coordinates.
  • Also, if there is a 20-minute airplane congestion predicted over Delhi, then the flight taking off for Delhi will be delayed by 20 minuets so that it does not have to hover on reaching there.
  • Accordingly, this information will be shared with all stakeholders including passengers.

With this system airport operators will be able to know exactly where a delay is happening, whether it is in the baggage breakup area, in customs or immigration and will help in fixing the delay point and make the airport more efficient.

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