Flight Operations At Delhi Airport May Get Affected Starting This Week!

If you are planning to fly from Delhi Airport anytime soon, be prepared for flight delays.

Due to runway repairs at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, flight operations at the airport are likely to be affected for a week i.e., from November 16 to November 23, 2018.

Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) said that runway 27/09 will be closed for preventive repairs and maintenance for a week from Friday onwards.

According to a DIAL official, the closing of the runway during this period could reduce the capacity of the airport by 50 arrivals as well as 50 departures per day.

The official also said that the work being carried out had been planned in advance and is a routine activity to ensure safe aircraft operations.

Initially, a 13-day runway closure was announced by the airport in October. However, the airport operator said that the period has been reduced in order to ensure minimal disturbances take place in the functioning of the airport.

Different Airlines have said that flight have been adjusted and cancelled in advance following this so that passengers don’t face any inconvenience however, they have also said that there may be slight flight delays.

According to RK Jenamani, Meteorological Head at the IGI airport, the national capital is witnessing a shallow fog during the day, however, flight operations are unlikely to be affected by fog during this period.

He said that the airport is only likely to see dense fog next month and cancellations start occurring around December 15.

Interestingly, a fourth runway is being introduced at the Delhi Airport. The runway is likely to be completed by 2022, making the airport, the first one in the country with four runways.

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