Bengaluru Airport Launches Fully Automated Self Bag Drop System!

There is some great news for passengers flying from Bengaluru Airport!

For the first time at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), automated baggage check-in facility will be open to air passengers from today. Following a three-month trial, 16 check-in counters will implement this system.

Here’s how the system will work:

  • The passenger will first have to print a boarding pass and an eezee-tag (bag tag) at a self-check-in kiosk.
  • Once Tagged, travellers need to go to these machines placed at the counters of the specific airline and place the check-in luggage on the conveyer belt near the counter
  • The weight of the luggage is digitally displayed
  • If it tallies with the luggage specifications of the airline, then a slip bearing the bar code for the luggage is printed and tagged to the luggage by the machine
  • Then the passenger has to feed in the PNR number from the ticket or mobile into the boarding pass kiosk, which automatically issues the boarding pass
  • The baggage will automatically head to the cargo hold

With this system, passengers will be able to check-in their luggage within an estimated time of 45 seconds.

This automated system will help airlines reduce its staff strength in the long run as presently two individuals are deployed by every airline to complete the check-in system. A person seated at the counter issues a boarding pass after verifying the ticket and another staffer tags the baggage to be checked in.

The fully-automated Self Bag Drop machines would initially be available for passengers flying with Air Asia and Spice Jet. This facility would be expanded to more airlines in the near future.

After terminal 1 of Mumbai airport got this facility in June 2018, KIA will be the second airport in India to have this system

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