Airlines May Soon Be Ranked On The Basis Of Customer Feedback!

India citizens may soon rank its airlines based on the quality of service they provide to flyers. If this concept is implemented it will be the first country in the world to do so.

The quality will be determined by the ratio of passengers flying with a particular airline and the number of complaints registered against it.

Aviation Minister, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, said this on Monday while launching an upgraded version of the ministry’s aviation portal “Air Seva 2.0”, which promises to make registration of grievances and their redressal faster.

According to Mr. Prabhu, the ministry with the help of the portal will categorise airlines. For this, they will take the help of Quality Council Of India to determine the parameters for ranking airlines.

Airlines ranked lower will have to work to improve their standings as passengers will choose the airlines which are more customer friendly. This way the overall service from airlines is bound to improve.

Mr. Prabhu and his deputy in the ministry, Mr. Jayant Sinha, have always been very proactive on social media. They say that their social media accounts are flooded with complaints from various flyers across the country which made them think about a more systematic process for registering grievances and redressing them.

The next version of the portal, “Air Seva 3.0”, will be launched in a couple of months. It will allow passengers to register for Digi-Yatra, which offers paperless boarding for domestic passengers.

It will kick off in Bangalore and Hyderabad by February, followed by Varanasi, Kolkata, Pune and Vijayawada some months later. Other airports will soon follow suit.

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