More Than 100 Flights Delayed At Delhi Airport Due To Fog!

For the 1st time this winter, more than a 100 flights were delayed & 9 other flights were diverted at the Delhi Airport owing to bad weather conditions.

According to officials the visibility on the runway was just 50 m between 5 am and 9 am. Adding to this they said that The diversions weredue to reasons like the aircraft or pilot not being CAT compliant. Others include flights low on fuel or congestion due to poor visibility.

Conditions started improving from 9.30am, and there was no problem in the evening. The runway visual range (RVR) gradually started to improve to 300m by 10 am.

Meanwhile, the airlines sent out alerts to the passengers to check their timings before coming to the airport.

IndiGo and Vistara were among many that alerted customers in the morning, asking them to check their departure/arrival timings in advance.

Of the nine flights that were diverted, one was of IndiGo, two of Air India and three each of SpiceJet and GoAir.

Most of the airlines had informed passengers through social media on the possible impact of the weather conditions around Delhi airport.

It seems like flight disruption due to fog and bad weather have started so in case you have an early morning flight this month, make sure you keep yourself updated about the flight timings and schedules.

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