Chennai Airport Expands Domestic Terminal Gate For Convenience Of Passengers!

Chennai airport has made more space in the security hold area at gate 13 of the domestic terminal so that passengers would have space to wait for the boarding call.

The changes were made to ensure that more flights are able to board passengers at the gate on the ground floor of the terminal.

Airports Authority of India (AAI) is making space in security area of the ground floor boarding gates and has been adding chairs for passengers to wait because a couple of aerobridges are being removed to accommodate ongoing work to demolish the old domestic terminal and build an integrated terminal.

The expanded area near gate 13 of the terminal was opened last week by passengers in the presence AAI Officials.

A senior official said the changes were being made so that there would be more facilities for passengers who would be using shuttle buses. The airport has started boarding more passengers using shuttle buses during peak hours, especially for narrow-body and small airplanes.

The airport is facing a constraint due to construction work. The link building which connected the steel and glass domestic terminal and the international terminal is going to be pulled down in the coming days for which the work has started.

New chairs are being placed at the gates in an additional space of 1400 sqm on the ground floor of the domestic terminal as well. The additional space was made by taking over a passage that was running parallel to the terminals in the operational area where planes are parked.

The move also helps passengers and airlines as the number of flights is also high during peak hours and during the winter schedule.

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