Flight Operations At Bengaluru & Delhi Airport Affected Due To Fog!

For the 4th time this month, fog disrupted flight operations at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport with 38 departures being delayed on Sunday morning.

Around 11 arriving flights were also delayed as fog enveloped the airport for the second time in three days. On Friday morning, 50 flights were affected due to the same reason.

According to the Bangalore International Airport Limited, four flights, including three Air India flights from Ahmedabad, Vishakhapatnam and Dubai, and another Indigo flight from Delhi were diverted to Chennai and Hyderabad airports.

With an old Instrument Landing System in place at the KIA, fog-related disruptions have become an annual affair and are expected to last till February this year.

However, the commencement of flight operations on newly launched Runway 2, expected from September this year, will bring good news for KIA passengers.

Runway 2 comes equipped with a mechanism to help flight operations continue during foggy conditions as well as with improvised facilities for landing during low visibility.

In Delhi, however, there is no improvement in the situation, after 41 flights were delayed again due to heavy fog.

Delhi International Airport Limited on December 6 said that the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) is fully prepared to handle flight operations during dense fog.

The very next day, 362 flights were delayed and 38 cancelled. In fact, since the first week of December, there have been regular delays and cancellations at India’s busiest airport that handles 1,300 arrivals and departures every day. And it has hit passengers hard.

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