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Bidding War Over Air India Gets Intense As IndiGo And Jet Lead The Way!

In a bid to extend their flight network, India’s top 2 commercial carriers, IndiGo Airlines and Jet Airways, are ready to go into a bidding war to take control over 76% stake in Air India.

The 76% of Air India on offer is worth more than 220 billion rupees ($3.37 billion), based on an Air India valuation of above 300 billion rupees. Prospective buyers have until May 14 to voice interest. Winning bidders will be announced May 28.

Interglobe Aviation, IndiGo’s Operator, has shown a keen interest in the airline’s takeover since day one and for a long time, it was the only Indian carrier who was eligible to bid for a stake in Air India, because Interglobe is the only airline company in the country with a positive net worth. Indigo is a marketing leading airline with about 40% market share. This is because of its regular flights and a reputation for reliability.

However, most of the IndiGo flights operate domestically and purchasing Air India, with its network of international routes, will surely expand IndiGo’s reach in one move.

Jet Airways has recently entered the bidding war. It will partner with international airlines such as Air France, KLM and Delta Airlines to buy the 76% stake in Air India. Buying Air India would help Jet gain advantage over immediate rivals IndiGo in international flights. In the international segment Jet Airways has a code-sharing agreement with Air France and Delta.

Apart from these two giants of the Indian aviation industry, Singapore Airlines is looking to bid as the government has allowed foreign investors to buy up to 49% stake in Air India. Singapore Airlines have shown interest in the Indian market of late. They say that India is ‘strategic market’ based on their experience with their airline Vistara, a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Group.

According to Jayant Sinha, minister of state for civil aviation, the government’s price for the Air India stake may go up, as the government will not accept bids below the minimum value that they set.

At the end of 2017, Air India increased its domestic network to 39 cities. It is also a member of the global Star Alliance.No domestic airline can match the Air Indias international service, in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The carrier operates 137 flights a week to the Middle East, 68 to Europe and 56 to Southeast Asia. It serves popular airport hubs such as Dubai, London, and Bangkok.

The Indian government have put 150 billion rupees for three years till March 2016 to revive the national carrier. Privatisation of Air India and its subsidiaries will help ease the burden on the national budget.

India is one of the world’s most promising markets for air travel and national as well as international carriers have realized this. Once the results of the bid are announced by the end of May, whoever is fortunate enough to win the bid, is surely in for a profitable future.

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Technology That Will Transform The Way We Fly In 2018!

Leaving on a Jet Plane is about to become faster, more efficient, and way more comfortable!

Taking a flight can be a tough ordeal even for the most seasoned travellers! Cramped seats, crowded airports and the time it takes to get through all the checks is annoying, to say the least.

The future of air travel, however, looks a lot more promising. The advent of new technologies is making advances that even a decade ago were unfathomable. They will redefine the way we experience flying.

We’ve all heard the big catchphrases –  Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Big-Data and Internet Of Things (IoT).

But what do they mean and how do they affect the way we fly?! Truth is, we are only scratching the surface of their potential and many more benefits are yet to be realized.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how these tech breakthroughs are being applied in aviation and in enhancing Passenger Experience (PAX).


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being embraced by industry to improve the passenger experience. Today airlines and airports use Chatbot’s with AI technology to communicate effectively with passengers.

AI allows simple queries to be handled swiftly, freeing up customer service professionals to tackle more difficult issues effectively.

Beyond Chatbots, AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the travel experience. Imagine having access to a 24-hour personal travel assistant who can predict your travel choices, knows your preferences and can create a personal experience for you.

AI travel assistants are the future!


Turbulence is the largest cause of injuries to passengers and crew. And for nervous passengers, it’s a nightmare.

Today, pilots use multiple sources of information to manage turbulence inflight, from weather radar and charts to information from other pilots and air traffic controllers.

To reduce the risk of turbulence-related injuries, Airport authorities are developing a turbulence sharing information platform containing real-time, aircraft-sensed turbulence reports in collaboration with multiple airlines around the world.

On top of that Aircraft manufacturers are developing a new technology that emits pulses of laser lights from the plane’s nose which will measure the wind speed along the direction of the laser allowing pilots to avoid turbulence while flying.


A seamless and convenient experience through the airport terminal is slowly becoming a reality thanks to biometric technology.

International Air Transportation Authority’s “One ID” project is rapidly moving travel towards a day when face, iris, or fingerprint recognition will provide the key to a smooth travel experience.

One ID works by creating a match between a unique biometric characteristic, a passenger’s passport and their flight booking. Once the match has been made passengers can then proceed through the terminal checkpoints from the security to the plane without having to show travel documents.

Recently the Airports Authority of India announced that they will be introducing Biometric boarding system at 3 Indian airports (Varanasi, Vijayawada and Kolkata) for the convenience of the passenger. This system will make security check-in smoother and quicker by securely identify travellers through Aadhaar number, passport or other documents.


Blockchain is a recent invention with immense potential for widespread application and one that airport authorities believe offers benefits for passengers and airlines.

Only a few people are aware of this but, from the moment you search online for an air ticket to the time you arrive at your destination, the airlines you are travelling with is just one of the various partners involved in the aviation value chain. Each member of that chain takes a profit margin.

Organisations around the world have begun to look into the possibilities of implementing blockchain payment system to reduce the costs for all partners involved in the value chain because blockchain payments are faster and more efficient. Apart from reducing the costs, which could benefit passengers, other advantages include greater transaction speed, resilience, and protection from fraud.


High-definition, three-dimensional CT scans of luggage may soon replace static X-ray images at airports as part of a wave of new technology designed to speed up security lanes while improving detection of weapons and explosives.

While CT scans have been used for the past 10 years, the new machines are smaller, more powerful and faster. And with travellers increasingly concerned with airport security, this new tech gives security personnel a tool for keeping travellers safe while on the move.


Modern technological innovations in air travel are slowly coming to India and we at AirWhizz are continuously trying to implement it and bring it to you as a passenger. From real-time flight updates to providing information about airports and airlines, we help you plan your air travel all the way.

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‘Green’ Buses Will Soon Ferry Passengers To The Hyderabad Airport!

A few months back, The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) had operated a battery-enabled electric bus on the Hyderabad Airport stretch on an experimental basis for a period of one month. The officials operated the bus from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to (RGIA) in Shamshabad to Secunderabad for few weeks to check the efficiency.

They found that the experience was encouraging!

To build on that positive experience, TSRTC announced on Saturday that they will be introducing 40 electric buses to ferry passenger to RGAI in Hyderabad. The electric buses will be introduced in the next 4 months as part of phase 1.

According to the officials at TSRTC, these “Green’ buses will be powered by battery operated electric motors and will not cause pollution, unlike other regular vehicles. Officials have also said that these buses will be cheap so that it is easier for the common passenger to commute to the airport. The fare for these electric buses will be the same as those for public AC buses. Nobody will be charged an additional fare. This new fleet of buses will replace the current buses operating on the airport route. The project work on this project has already started and has been given to a private agency.

Below are a few pointers about the specifications of the bus and its operation –

  • Each bus will be 12-Meter-long low floor AC ‘Green’ bus.
  • It is being manufactured by a Chinese company – BYD
  • Each bus will cost Rs 2.4 crore, with a seating capacity of 40 passengers
  • The bus will be operated by the private agency for 12 years and the TSRTC will pay the agency
  • Maintenance, appointment of driver and fuel will the responsibility of the agency, but the conductor will be a TSRTC employee

This initiative is being implemented in phases with the phase 1, of introducing 40 green buses, to be completed within 4 months. The phase 2 of this project will see 60 more electric buses being introduced depending on the response and experience of the passengers.

There is a need for such initiatives in the country since India is the world’s 5th largest auto market. Shifting to electric vehicles will reduce harmful vehicle emissions by 37%. This project will also help the governments aim to make India shift completely to electric vehicles by 2030 and make the country emission-free by 2040.

The Green buses will be introduced in a few months but before that, if you are looking to travel to the Hyderabad Airport, look no further!

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Meet Kempa,The Humanoid At The Bangalore Airport!

Flying into the Bangalore Airport? Get ready to be greeted by “Kempa” the Robot!

Passengers reaching the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bangalore will soon be able to meet “Kempa”. The humanoid robot will be installed to offer airport directions and information on tourist places in Karnataka.

Kempa has been named after the Bangalore’s International airport and is currently being tested by Bengaluru based start-up Sirena Technologies. Once it is installed, the city’s International Airport will join several other airports around the world, which use robots for assisting passengers, scanning luggage and issuing boarding passes.

Priyank Kharge, the Karnataka ministry of Minister for Innovation & Technology tweeted a video, announcing that Kempa will be giving information on Karnataka tourism in the Kempegowda International Airport. The video goes on to show how other than suggesting places to visit in the state, the robot also engages with passengers in English and Kannada.

The robot will give information about flights, check-in details, things to do at the airport and so on to help the passengers. Kempa will tell you about Karnataka and the famous places you can visit, besides the state’s heritage and culture. Artificial Intelligence is being used for the first time at Indian airports to help passengers.

Sirena Technologies have been successful in testing humanoid robots in the field of education, where AI robots help kids by teaching different subjects and life skills and the company is one of the many companies to benefit from the government’s startup policy. The robot is completely developed in Bangalore.

Humanoid robots like Kempa are no strangers to helping travellers around the world. In Japan and other countries, Kempa’s robot colleagues are seen assisting customers in shops, hotels, and airports. Lufthansa Airline has recently introduced a humanoid robot, ‘Josie’ in Terminal 2 of the Munich Airport for check-ins, scanning passengers’ baggage and issuing boarding passes.

Kempa will be installed at the Bangalore airport soon! In the meantime, if you are flying and need information about the airport, look no further. Download the AirWhizz app and get all the information about your flight and the airport on the move.

Travel smart and Fly Stress-Free!

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Chaos And Confusion Hits Delhi Airport As Passenger Bags Get Misplaced!

Long weekend travel plans took a hit on Thursday evening at the Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, after a failure in the baggage handling system. This resulted in thousands of misplaced bags which led to chaos at check-in counters causing a few flights to get delayed.

According to the Delhi International Airport Limited(DIAL), the delays were caused by an increased number of check-ins of dangerous goods, such as power banks and lighters in the checked-in luggage of passengers. One of the other reasons for this chaos was the increase in the number of passengers travelling during this long weekend. The check-in rate rose by about 30 percent which is higher than usual rate.

The security at the airport has to physically check for prohibited items and remove them. Due to the increase in the number of passengers carrying such items, the security clearance process slowed down and caused this issue at the Delhi International airport.

There was a lot of activity on twitter where passengers took to the social media site expressing their grievances. Airlines posted on twitter as well explaining that the situation was out of their control. Apologising for the inconvenience, Vistara Airline tweeted, “We would like to inform you that Delhi airport has been facing challenges with the baggage handling system post check-in. All airlines and hundreds of bags have been impacted and not being loaded onto flights.”

The tweet also said that the airline has taken this matter up with Delhi airport officials and will soon start probing into the issue.

Items like power banks, e-cigarettes and loose lithium batteries are prohibited in the checked-in luggage due to chances of them catching fire in the baggage hold. In fact, on 22nd March a Vistara Flight from Delhi to Hyderabad had to return because a passenger who forgot to remove his power bank at the security check-in form his luggage.

To know exactly what items are prohibited in your check-in as well as hand baggage, We at AirWhizz have compiled a list of items you should avoid carrying with you on your next flight –

  • Toxic Items such as such as poison, open alcohol bottles etc
  • Weapons
  • Flammable items such as lighters and matchbox
  • Items containing kerosene or petrol
  • Explosive items such as crackers and fireworks
  • Items such as power banks, batteries, and acid

So, the next time you fly, download the AirWhizz App and get access to the different airline policies and baggage regulations to plan your trip accordingly. Become an aware flyer, travel like a pro and Fly Stress-Free!

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Kiosk Check-In System Implemented On Bangalore Buses For Passenger Convince!

With the recent announcement of toll collection starting at the Devanahalli toll booth for cars travelling to the Bangalore International Airport, many have speculated that the time to reach the airport will increase due to increase in the traffic, especially during peak hours.

Well, BMTC is here to save the day!

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation(BMTC), is going to collaborate with Bangalore International Airport Limited(BIAL), to install automated check-in kiosks in Vayu Vajra buses on the Electronics City-KIA route. This has been done for the convenience of frequent flyers and make the BMTC’s transportation services popular.

As many as, 160 people have checked in from the bus so far. This is the second such pilot project. Earlier, a pilot was run on the KIAS-9 (Kempegowda Bus Station-KIA) route, which saw 600 people use the facility.

By feeding in their booking number, passengers can choose a seat on a touchscreen installed in the bus and have their boarding pass printed. This will allow them to go straight for security checks at the airport and bypass check-in queues. The automatic check-in kiosk is installed near the middle door of the bus.

This system will help those passengers who are in a hurry to the airport or do not have access to the internet for web check-in. This facility is also very useful for passengers with just carry-on baggage as they can head straight to the security.

On an average, a passenger takes 1 hour to travel to the airport. To save time they can use this facility and travel in peace to the airport especially during peak hours of traffic.

The option is available for passengers travelling on Air Asia, GoAir, IndiGo, Jet Airways and SpiceJet flights.

BMTC has seen a fall in the number of passengers travelling on their Vayu Vajra bus route after the entry of app-based cabs. This initiative will surely attract and motivate passengers to use the bus services with check-in and Wi-Fi facilities.

No wonder there has been a great response to Kiosk Check-in system. This system will help frequent flyers who travel between their office and the airport on a regular basis.Passengers can hope that Bangalore International Airport Limited will extend the facility on buses at other routes.

Wondering what time to leave for the airport?

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Kolkata Airport To Introduce New Trolleys To Increase Passenger Convenience!

The Kolkata airport handles about 50000 passengers a day. With flights scheduled between 6 AM and midnight, around 2,700 persons either arrive at or depart from the airport per hour.

Luggage trolley is the first thing that a passenger looks for at the airport. At Kolkata airport, finding a trolley has been a problem, especially during busy hours or late at night.

On top of that, Passengers have had to deal with poor customer service at the airport because of which the airport rankings have gone down.

All that Is about to change!

In an effort to improve their rating, the Kolkata airport will be introducing a new set of lighter, faster and sturdier trolleys for the passengers. This set of trolleys is the first batch after the airport’s expansion in 2013.

Here are all the details about the new trolley system being introduced at the airport-

  • 1580 new trolleys are being added to the existing 1500 plus trolleys currently at the airport.
  • An additional 2,500 new trolleys will be delivered, over the next 2 months
  • This will make the tally of new trolleys to 4000, enough to ensure there is no shortage
  • In addition, older trolleys are being regularly repaired

This move will make the trolley management easier for the ground staff. With twice the number of trolleys in circulation, there will be enough time for the ground handling staff to retrieve and stack trolleys near the luggage conveyor belts in the arrival level and entry to the terminal at the departure level.

Passengers who used the new trolleys on Tuesday said they were lighter, agile, more spacious and easier to use. Previously the front two wheels of the trolleys moved independently, making it tough for the passenger to move at the airport. This issue has been solved in the trolleys by the front wheels designed in the form of a nose wheel of an aircraft, thus making it easier to manoeuvre.

The new trolleys are being designed by a Mumbai based organisation “Delite Systems Engineering Pvt Ltd”. Here are the salient features of the new trolleys –

  • It has a rear wheel cover to prevent apparel such as “Dupattas” or longs scarves getting tangled in them.
  • It is lighter than the previous trolleys
  • It has a lower luggage platform which will increase the load capacity and make it more spacious
  • Front wheels are designed in the shape of an aircraft’s nosewheel, making it agile and easy to move.
  • Overall, it has a better design as compared to the old trolleys

With this initiative, almost 5500 trolleys will be available for the passenger at the airport within 2 months. According to the airport director, Mr Atul Dikshit, Once the airport has 4,000 new trolleys and 1,500 old trolleys in circulation, they will deploy around 1,000 trolleys in the old terminal from where Haj flights operate. A few trolleys will be kept in reserve for emergency.

The airport officials are confident that, with this move, the passenger experience will improve, and the ratings of the Kolkata airport will go up. This move will also help the airport management to streamline the trolley system making it easier and smoother for them to handle.

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Traffic To Take Its “Toll” Enroute Bangalore International Airport!

It is a well-known fact amongst frequent flyers and Bangalore citizens that the commute to the Bangalore airport, also known as the Kempegowda International Airport(KIA), is long and time-consuming. Adding to this, early mornings and late nights see a lot of jams at the toll booths as there is a high volume of flights operating at KIA during that time.

Well! The ride to the Kempegowda International Airport is about to get a lot longer!

From today, the Devanahalli toll booth will start toll collection for cars that will be heading towrds the Bangalore airport. If cab drivers are to be believed, this situation is going to cause a daily traffic problem, increasing the time to reach the airport.

This decision has been taken by the National Highways Authority of India to prevent reduction in revenues. Previously, people going to the airport used the expressway one way and the recently opened alternative road for their return journey, escaping the toll.

This decision has come under harsh criticism, but the toll operators are confident that the decision will not be taken back. An official working at the toll plaza commented “Everyone will choose to escape paying toll instead of shelling out money during the return trip. The moment an alternative route was made available, this decision became unavoidable.”

The Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC), came out strongly against this decision and said that this decision will worsen traffic jams and will dent the city’s image.   Mr. Ahmedali, a former BCIC president, along with the BCIC submitted a petition to the National Highways Authority of India(NHAI) and the state government to reverse this decision. They said that there are long traffic ques at the tollbooth during peak hours, in spite of having more lanes.

The toll operators have said, to make things easier, there will be 15 booths available for those heading towards the airport. All booths will be equipped to deal with customers who use FASTag and there will be one dedicated lane for them.

The BCIC is not opposed to toll collection.However, they are adamant that NHAI must ensure smooth movement of the traffic to and from the airport. To do this BCIC has given the following suggestions –

  • No More Than 3 Vehicles Should Wait In Any Lane
  • Number Of Tolls Should Be Increased And Should Be Operational During Peak Hours
  • There Should Be Enough FASTag Lanes For FASTag Vehicles Only
  • Promote The Use Of FASTag (Electronic toll collection system in India)
  • Collect Toll At The Airport And Pass It On To The Operator At The Toll Plaza

So if you have any flights scheduled from today onwards, Be sure to leave for the airport well in advance.

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