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SpiceJet And IndiGo To Partially Shift Its Operation To Terminal 2 At The Delhi Airport from March 25.

Delhi International Airport Ltd.’s (DIAL) announced today that IndiGo and SpiceJet will partially shift their operations from Terminal 1 (T1), to Terminal 2 (T2) of IGI Airport from March 25.

This is being done to support the ongoing expansion work happening at Terminal 1 of the Indra Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

Worried which Terminal your flight will depart from? Read on!

SpiceJet has announced that they will be shifting the operations of 22 of its flights operating to seven sectors to Terminal 2 at the Delhi Airport. All flights departing from Terminal 2 will also have a prefix of “8” in the flight number.

Indigo too will be shifting 94 flights to Terminal 2 and have prefixed the number “2”  in their flight numbers.

Below the list of all the flights of Spicejet and Indigo which will now operate from Terminal 2, IGI Airport, Delhi.

Still confused? Simply download the AirWhizz app and add your flight to get the right terminal for your flight along with flight alerts and offers for your trip.

Spicejet Airlines:

Old Flight No. New Flight No From To Dep
SG 194 SG 8194 Ahmedabad Delhi 6:05 AM
SG 912 SG 8912 Ahmedabad Delhi 7:40 PM
SG 912 SG 8912 Ahmedabad Delhi 7:40 PM
SG 912 SG 8912 Ahmedabad Delhi 6:10 PM
SG 913 SG 8913 Delhi Ahmedabad 6:20 AM
SG 193 SG 8193 Delhi Ahmedabad 6:50 PM
SG 211 SG 8211 Delhi Goa 8:20 AM
SG 171 SG 8171 Delhi Goa 11:30 AM
SG 144 SG 8144 Delhi Goa 5:55 PM
SG 561 SG 8561 Delhi Kochi 6:30 AM
SG 561 SG 8561 Delhi Kochi 7:20 AM
SG 40 SG 8480 Delhi Patna 7:10 PM
SG 15 SG 8185 Delhi Pune 8:45 AM
SG 93 SG 8938 Delhi Pune 4:55 PM
SG 473 SG 8473 Delhi Surat 5:45 AM
SG 47 SG 8478 Delhi Surat 2:40 PM
SG 212 SG 8212 Goa Delhi 11:30 AM
SG 172 SG 8172 Goa Delhi 2:35 PM
SG 145 SG 8145 Goa Delhi 9:05 PM
SG 562 SG 8562 Kochi Delhi 11:05 AM
SG 41 SG 8481 Patna Delhi 9:35 PM
SG 937 SG 8937 Pune Delhi 7:20 AM
SG 14 SG 8184 Pune Delhi 4:05 PM
SG 474 SG 8474 Surat Delhi 8:15 AM
SG 479 SG 8479 Surat Delhi 4:55 PM

Indigo Airlines:

Old Flight No. New Flight No From To Dep
6E 108 6E 2108 Bengaluru Delhi 10:30
6E 123 6E 2123 Delhi Bengaluru 15:50
6E 126 6E 2126 Delhi Bengaluru 16:00
6E 131 6E 2131 Delhi Bengaluru 21:00
6E 131 6E 2131 Delhi Bengaluru 20:45
6E 132 6E 2132 Bengaluru Delhi 6:05
6E 132 6E 2132 Delhi Srinagar 10:10
6E 132 6E 2132 Bengaluru Delhi 5:30
6E 133 6E 2133 Delhi Bengaluru 5:10
6E 148 6E 2148 Delhi Srinagar 15:05
6E 197 6E 2197 Srinagar Delhi 17:05
6E 197 6E 2197 Delhi Visakhapatnam 19:25
6E 201 6E 2201 Delhi Raipur 12:30
6E 203 6E 2203 Delhi Srinagar 12:45
6E 204 6E 2204 Raipur Delhi 14:50
6E 211 6E 2211 Delhi Bhubaneswar 15:35
6E 246 6E 2246 Bengaluru Delhi 13:00
6E 256 6E 2256 Bhubaneswar Delhi 9:35
6E 273 6E 2273 Delhi Bengaluru 22:10
6E 273 6E 2273 Delhi Bengaluru 22:00
6E 289 6E 2289 Bengaluru Delhi 22:10
6E 297 6E 2297 Delhi Bengaluru 9:35
6E 297 6E 2297 Delhi Bengaluru 9:00
6E 305 6E 2305 Bengaluru Delhi 21:15
6E 306 6E 2306 Delhi Bengaluru 17:05
6E 314 6E 2314 Bhubaneswar Delhi 18:25
6E 3591 6E 2591 Vadodara Delhi 7:10
6E 3646 6E 2646 Bagdogra Delhi 12:25
6E 367 6E 2367 Bengaluru Delhi 8:30
6E 3752 6E 2752 Chennai Delhi 18:45
6E 393 6E 2393 Delhi Raipur 8:30
6E 398 6E 2398 Delhi Bagdogra 12:25
6E 3988 6E 2988 Bengaluru Delhi 16:55
6E 423 6E 2423 Delhi Bengaluru 13:00
6E 443 6E 2443 Delhi Chennai 9:55
6E 454 6E 2454 Raipur Delhi 19:40
6E 454 6E 2454 Raipur Delhi 19:10
6E 458 6E 2458 Delhi Bengaluru 6:25
6E 475 6E 2475 Bengaluru Delhi 4:00
6E 484 6E 2484 Bengaluru Delhi 23:30
6E 486 6E 2486 Raipur Delhi 9:40
6E 487 6E 2487 Chennai Delhi 10:50
6E 488 6E 2488 Vadodara Delhi 21:15
6E 489 6E 2489 Bhubaneswar Delhi 5:15
6E 5013 6E 2013 Delhi Bhubaneswar 9:00
6E 519 6E 2519 Delhi Chennai 21:45
6E 524 6E 2524 Delhi Amritsar 5:15
6E 525 6E 2525 Amritsar Delhi 6:55
6E 5263 6E 2263 Delhi Bagdogra 14:00
6E 5405 6E 2405 Bhubaneswar Delhi 21:50
6E 554 6E 2554 Srinagar Delhi 10:55
6E 606 6E 2606 Delhi Chennai 7:15
6E 6064 6E 2064 Delhi Vadodara 14:10
6E 6065 6E 2065 Bengaluru Delhi 12:30
6E 6162 6E 2162 Delhi Chennai 20:35
6E 6228 6E 2228 Bengaluru Delhi 7:10
6E 6299 6E 2299 Udaipur Delhi 21:00
6E 6299 6E 2299 Udaipur Delhi 19:15
6E 637 6E 2637 Delhi Bengaluru 18:50
6E 6376 6E 2376 Delhi Bengaluru 0:05
6E 6409 6E 2409 Raipur Delhi 11:10
6E 646 6E 2616 Bhubaneswar Delhi 16:20
6E 6512 6E 2512 Vadodara Delhi 16:15
6E 6512 6E 2512 Delhi Bhubaneswar 18:25
6E 652 6E 2652 Chennai Delhi 5:00
6E 6667 6E 2667 Delhi Chennai 16:20
6E 6695 6E 2615 Delhi Bengaluru 11:00
6E 6726 6E 2726 Visakhapatnam Delhi 8:55
6E 6726 6E 2716 Bengaluru Delhi 20:00
6E 6929 6E 2929 Delhi Bengaluru 7:55
6E 694 6E 2694 Srinagar Delhi 15:05
6E 694 6E 2694 Delhi Chennai 18:05
6E 695 6E 2695 Chennai Delhi 8:30
6E 698 6E 2698 Chennai Delhi 15:15
6E 698 6E 2698 Delhi Vadodara 19:10
6E 698 6E 2698 Chennai Delhi 15:35
6E 6999 6E 2912 Delhi Raipur 17:30
6E 701 6E 2701 Delhi Bhubaneswar 6:45
6E 702 6E 2702 Delhi Vadodara 5:10
6E 704 6E 2704 Chennai Delhi 22:50
6E 719 6E 2719 Delhi Visakhapatnam 5:20
6E 746 6E 2746 Delhi Udaipur 7:55
6E 746 6E 2746 Delhi Udaipur 7:50
6E 747 6E 2747 Udaipur Delhi 14:10
6E 751 6E 2751 Delhi Udaipur 13:25
6E 757 6E 2757 Delhi Raipur 6:50
6E 772 6E 2772 Visakhapatnam Delhi 18:30
6E 783 6E 2783 Bengaluru Delhi 18:25
6E 808 6E 2808 Bengaluru Delhi 18:55
6E 839 6E 2839 Delhi Bengaluru 15:15
6E 841 6E 2841 Delhi Bhubaneswar 22:50
6E 859 6E 2859 Delhi Chennai 8:25
6E 894 6E 2894 Bagdogra Delhi 18:25
6E 894 6E 2894 Delhi Amritsar 21:30
6E 895 6E 2895 Amritsar Delhi 23:15
6E 907 6E 2907 Chennai Delhi 17:15
6E 943 6E 2943 Bengaluru Delhi 10:10
6E 963 6E 2963 Delhi Bengaluru 19:40
6E 976 6E 2976 Chennai Delhi 6:30
6E 977 6E 2977 Delhi Bengaluru 22:40
6E 978 6E 2978 Bengaluru Delhi 14:30
6E 985 6E 2985 Delhi Chennai 6:20
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8 Ways in which Flying has Improved in India

Taking a domestic flight for an average Indian was a momentous occasion when the concept of flying was introduced at the start of the century.

In the 90s you had to plan your air travel in advance, air tickets were very expensive and although there were a few private airlines available for the passenger, Air India was the undisputed leader in the domestic aviation market.

But things have changed over the past decade-and-a-half! Millions of Indians board a flight to travel within the country or abroad every single day. There seven domestic airlines and several other regional carriers ready to serve air travellers in India.

There is no doubt aviation has changed for the better in India and here’s how!

1.More Airlines Means More Options

Air India’s monopoly over Indian skies is a thing of the past! In the last two decades or so there has many airline carriers have been introduced to the Indian travellers. Other than National airlines (IndiGo, Spice-jet, GoAir, Air Deccan etc) the Indian aviation market can boast of reputed international airlines such as Emirates, AirAsia, British Airways and many more.

2.Competitive Ticket Prices

In 2003-2004 India’s first low-cost airline Air Deccan (who later launched “one-rupee” fares to increase aircraft loads) was introduced, opening a world of possibilities and opportunities to travellers in India. Other low-cost carriers soon entered the market.
According to the Minister of State Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha “These days, passengers spend only Rs. 5 per kilometer on air travel from Indore to Delhi. But if you take an autorickshaw in this city, then you need to spend a relatively higher price of Rs. 8-10 per kilometer.”

3. Value for Money Services

You now get the service you pay for! Fly with an exclusive airline and you can expect luxury with delicious food, wines and VIP treatment among other advantages.
Today you have the choice to pay for a seat of your choice or how much luggage you want to carry. You don’t want to eat onboard? No problem, it is no longer part of your ticket cost.
Airlines serve you exactly the services you want and you no longer need to pay for something you don’t need when you fly.

4. Mobile Connectivity & Inflight Wi-fi

This is a new service which has recently been introduced in India.
The TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has issued recommendations that will soon allow airlines to provide in-flight internet and permit mobile services above the altitude of 3000 meters. However, it is up to the airlines how they choose to implement the services and at what costs if any.

5.Next Generation Aircrafts

New age airplanes such as Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350 XWB are designed to endure high pressure when flying in the air.
These aircrafts can endure almost 2000 times more pressure than its predecessors which means more oxygen for your lungs, more moisture within the cabin and a more comfortable flight.

6.More Non-Stop Flights

New generation aircraft are bringing the world together with longer non-stop flights.
With more and more passengers wanting to explore new destinations and airline tickets becoming cheaper airlines have upped their game by increasing the number of flights, their frequency and the routes they travel to.

7.Technology & The Internet of Things(IoT)

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues for check-in, go to the helpdesk at the airport for all the information, manual security checks etc. With innovation in technology and the introduction of the internet of things, passengers can dash through the airport without any hassle.
Smartphones these days allow passengers to access all their flight info, check-in, track their flight and plan the entire itinerary with just a few clicks.

8.Improved Airport Infrastructure

The rise in the number of passengers travelling to and from airports in has resulted in a complete makeover of the airport infrastructure in India. Most modern airports in India can compete with the best airports in the world.
Other than the design and beauty, airports have become a place where passengers can spend time by eating, shopping and being entertained. Services like lounges, spas, sleep pods and airport hotels passengers are comfortable while they wait for their flight.

The aviation industry in India and the world is constantly evolving and with it,  are related services and technology that enhance the passenger experience. AirWhizz is a great example of such technological innovation. It is a one of its kind airport assistant app in India that helps passengers #flystressfree with services such as real-time flight updates and information, booking cabs from the airport, getting access to and information on different airport lounges and restaurants at your fingertips.

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Republic Day Flight Cancellations Causing Confusion? Let Us Help!

Flying during the Republic day weekend? In case you haven’t heard, more than 700 flights all through Delhi are being cancelled between the 18th and 26th of January. This is because the Indian Air Force assumes control over the airspace to get ready for the Republic Day Celebrations. These cancellations will also affect domestic flights operating from other airports besides Delhi.

Airspace closure’s following Republic Day celebrations are not new. In any case, up until this point, carriers were just requested to reschedule flights. This is the first occasion when they will be cancelling flights. This implies, more than 100 flights all through Delhi will be cancelled every day. That could mean cancellation of more than 700 flights over the seven days of closure, influencing more than 10,000 travellers every day.

To help affected and confused passengers we at AirWhizz bring you all the facts and figures that you need to know to replan your flight schedule following the “Republic Day” week.

Day’s and Timing of Flight Cancellations

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has issued an advisory that no departures or arrivals would be permitted to or from Delhi airport between 10.30 am and 12.15 pm for 7 days between January 18-26 (except 19 and 25), as per air terminal sources.

International Flights Not Affected

The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), which operates IGI Airport, says no global flights will be crossed out. Only domestic flights are being cancelled—international flights in and out of Delhi are being rescheduled.

How Airline’s Are Helping Passengers

Domestic Airlines have released detailed information for the flights that are going to be cancelled.  IndiGo’s travel advisory also confirms the cancellations and allows passengers to select alternative flights at no extra cost.

You can check the details of flights cancelled by clicking on the links below:

Vistara’s Cancelled flight details –  Click to get Details

GoAir’s Cancelled flight details –  Click to get Details

IndiGo’s Cancelled flight details – Click to get Details

JetAirways cancelled Flight details – Click to get details

Others are yet to announce what flights have been influenced and what options they are putting forth for the travellers. Airlines are sending sms and email to their passengers regarding flight cancellations, therefore, you should check your phone from time to time.

Know Your Rights

According to rules, if your flight is cancelled under 2 weeks and up to a day prior to movement, the airline is required to put you on another flight within 2 hours of the planned take-off. In any case, that may not hold as these conditions are outside their ability to control.

Issues You May Face as a Passenger

  1. If your flight is planned around these timings, it is very likely that your flight will be cancelled or re-directed to another airport.
  2. When airlines affirm these cancellations, the selected flights on the course will see a rise in demand thus driving ticket costs higher.
  3. As entries and flights get grouped, it could mean longer lines at security and at the gates.
  4. An added disadvantage will be the intensity of fog that befalls Delhi during those days.

This news will definitely cause you to rethink your travel plans but we hope that this article will help you plan your travel better for this week.

You can also simply add your flight to the AirWhizz app and check the status of your flight which are operating. The cancelled flights information can be obtained from the airlines.

As an added advantage to you, we at AirWhizz will get you real-time flight updates, airport and airline travel information and details of cancelled flights to your mobile phone so that you can save time on planning your trip. Download the AirWhizz app and Fly Stress-free!

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A Foodies Guide to the Mumbai Airport!

The Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, unlike any other airport, is not just a culmination of room fresheners. It is a collage of flavoursome culinary scents where famished passengers may find themselves transported even before stepping onto the plane. 

This airport assistant gives you a list of five best places to eat at the second busiest airport in India. 


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6 Scariest Airports in the World

Have you ever been on a flight when suddenly out of nowhere, everything starts shaking and you secretly go over a checklist of every God who will give your soul a listen?  

 This usually ends in a couple of minutes while your fellow passenger snores his way through the thunderstorm.  

 Compiled below is a list of airports which would wake your fellow passenger and have them repeat your prayers.   [···]

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Top 3 Reasons Why Delhi Airport is the Most Difficult to Reach

A study conducted by the School of Planning and Architecture lists the Delhi airport as toughest to reach, compared to 60 other world cities, in terms of air connectivity, ground accessibility, reliability, and speed. Listed below are three reasons why a frequent flyer must assess which mode of transport creates more value for your time.  [···]

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How has Technology Affected Air Travel?

Air travel has changed a lot since the first commercial aircraft took flight in 1914 where a mayor traveled in Florida for 21 miles on a paid seat. Everything changes with time and so did commercial aviation. There was a time when people use to read newspapers or magazines to keep them occupied. Now we have entertainment systems installed and have Wi-Fi services enabled in domestic airlines too. We have better aircraft and friendly cabin crew. Everything has changed about commercial aviation and now the focus is more on customer service and security. All of this happened due to the digitization of commercial aviation. Air travel was the first one to get digitized amongst all kind of travel services. Let’s see the impacts of digitization on commercial aviation and how is it helping customers. 


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Claim Your UDF Refund upto Rs. 1,200!


This is some good news for Air Travelers. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has vacated the stay order given by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court and this has resulted in reduction in the User Development Fee (UDF) which was being charged by the Delhi Airport. Hidden in the taxes of your flight ticket is UDF (code IN) which is charged by the airports for the development of the airport infrastructure. Link to the circular for refund from DGCA.

Passengers Old UDF at Delhi Airport New UDF at Delhi Airport
Departing Domestic Passengers Rs. 245.02 – 490.04 Rs. 10.00
Arriving Domestic Passengers Rs. 207.32 – 414.65 Rs. 0.00
Departing International Passengers Rs. 565.43 – 1130.85 Rs. 45.00
Arriving International Passengers Rs. 461.77 – 932.95 Rs. 0.00

*Rates above are exclusive of taxes and might vary based on date of booking

Are you eligible?

If you have flown or are going to fly out of or into Delhi Airport after 7th July 2017 and have booked your tickets on or before 7th July 2017 you are eligible for UDF refund from the Airlines which can be upto Rs. 1,216.00 per passenger per flight.


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