Hyderabad Airport To Introduce “Face Recognition Facility” For Passengers!

Following Bangalore Airport’s example, Hyderabad Airport will soon introduce ‘Face Recognition Facility’ for air travellers.

Passengers flying from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) can get past all security checks and board the airplane by simply looking into the camera.

Here’s how it will work:

  • After a one-time registration at the entry gate, passenger details will be stored and facial features will be captured by the ‘Hi-Tech’ Cameras. The details will be the passenger’s unique signature
  • The next time that passenger has to board a flight, they won’t have to show the boarding pass. They’ll just have to stand in front of the camera
  • The camera will analyse and match the details and the passenger can gain entry
  • This technology will also be used at the security checks and the passenger won’t need to show the boarding pass there as well.
  • The boarding pass information will be integrated into the new system. It will automatically verify the information with the Airline DCS (Departure Control System).

This process will not only help the passengers but the airport staff as well.

The technology has already been tested for staff entry and will go live for passengers once the airport gets all the necessary approvals from regulatory authorities. It is said that this process will be implemented by the end of 2018.

E-boarding has already been introduced by Hyderabad Airport, therefore, it will be easy to implement this technology.

In the coming few days the airport will be rolling out a pilot project to make an airport journey completely paperless. They will do this by using biometric identification of a passenger to replace tickets and boarding passes.

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