Liquids Over 100ml Limit Might Soon Be Allowed In Hand Baggage!

Air travellers in India may soon be able to carry liquids, such as shampoo, in their hand Baggage on Indian flights.

Ministry of Civil Aviation might soon test liquid bomb detectors at Indian airports, which will allow passengers to carry liquids more than 100 ml, which is currently the limit.

However, the move is still in the initial stage and might be implemented 6 months from now. Recently the civil aviation ministry reviewed presentations by some European firms on the latest technologies that are being used in order to scan liquids at airports.

According to reports, the ministry will conduct the trial at major Indian airports once the technology provider has been shortlisted. After completing the trial, the ministry will issue a list of liquids that are allowed in the hand baggage. However, liquor will not be allowed in hand baggage.

Any air passenger carrying liquid will have to put the container in the detector and, within five seconds, the system will be able to detect the percentage of explosives in it. The detector gives 4-5 levels of threat scenario, and on the basis of that, liquids will be allowed to be carried in the hand baggage.

The concept of carrying liquids in hand baggage is not new as some airports in Europe and in the US have been testing bottled liquid scanners, even though they still restrict passengers on the quantity of liquid that can be carried.

Moreover, in order to save time, now some airports are also experimenting with scanners that can check liquids in bottles inside the carry-on baggage.

Once the ministry of civil aviation decides to use this technology, the Bureau for Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) will have to frame the guidelines.

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