Quick Baggage Scanning Will Soon Be Implemented At Chennai Airport!

Passengers flying out of the domestic terminal at the Chennai Airport will soon be relieved of the tiring task of scanning their baggage through standalone machines.

From December 2018, a passenger entering the domestic terminal will have to just drop off their baggage at the airline check-in counters and the ‘Inline Baggage Scanner’ will examine them.

According to Airports Authority Of India (AAI), they will do away with the existing standalone machines in three months as the installation of four new inline scanners has begun.

For now, passengers at the domestic terminal have to stand in queues, carry their suitcase and put them in the standalone baggage scanners, after which they are allowed to go in the Check-in queue. However, with the new system in place they can directly go to the counter and drop of their bags.

The new inline scanners have a capacity to scan 1,200 bags an hour. Also, they are the latest ones, which are equipped with CT X-ray and CT Scan systems which can easily detect explosives. There will be various levels of scanning in these new machines, which will ensure better security.

There are 14 screeners certified by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) who will monitor the screening of baggage.

The four inline scanners in the international terminal will also be upgraded in the next three months, as per the latest requirements by the BCAS.

AAI officials expect the new system to ease operations at Chennai Airport’s domestic terminal that chokes with thousands of passengers, especially during peak hours.

Chennai Airport handles nearly 33,000 people and about 500 aircraft movements on a daily basis.

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