Delhi Airport Plans To Become Plastic Free By 2019!

Single-use plastic items, like straws and containers, may soon become a thing of the past at Delhi airport.

Delhi International Airport Limited(DIAL) has decided to make India’s busiest airport plastic free by the end of 2019

DIAL, which operates the Indira Gandhi International Airport has said that it has they have taken steps to eliminate the possible use of single-use plastic. This includes creating awareness, enhancing waste management systems and promoting the use of eco-friendly sustainable alternatives

They have also said that they are collectively working with all the stakeholders to put a ban on single-use plastic at the airport.

Single-use plastic, also called disposable plastics, including grocery bags, food packaging, bottles, straws, containers, cups and cutlery.

In place of plastic, DIAL is planning to use smart and bio-friendly packaging for food takeaways & beverages as well as paper or environmentally friendly bags for retail shopping.

Among other efforts, DIAL will also look to minimise generation of wastes by way of recycling opportunities and enhance segregation and collection of waste at sources.

A few months back, due to ban of plastic in Maharashtra, airports across the state stopped using single-use plastic, which has benefitted both the environment and the airport operators.

Plastic and garbage dumped around the airport is the major cause for attracting animals and birds. There have recently been a lot of complaints at many Airport about the growing number of stray dogs in the airport vicinity.

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