Hyderabad Airport Gets A Brand New International Terminal!

Hyderabad Airport is all set to handle the demands of its increasing passenger traffic!

In a move to decongest the airport, a new international terminal will be opened on 23rd October 2018. Spread over an area of 1 lakh square feet, the temporary terminal will exclusively cater to international passengers.

Due to the ongoing expansion work at Hyderabad Airport, which will take about three years to be completed, this interim terminal will be operational.

According to the  CEO of Hyderabad International Airport Limited, Mr. S.G.K Kishore, this arrangement has been done keeping the growth of passenger traffic in mind. It has spiked from 10 million in 2015 to  20 million passengers in 2018.

He expects that this traffic will further increase to 40 million in the next three years. This interim terminal will reduce inconvenience to passengers due to increase in volume.

Here are a few interesting facts about the new international terminal:

  • With a total budget of Rs 50 crore, the interim facility was built within just six months.
  • It has 40 check-in counters, 30 immigration points and an exclusive checkpoint for business class passengers.
  • It will also have India’s first remote hand baggage screening facility
  • The terminal is also unique in a way that it uses Pre Engineering Building Technology, which means it can be dismantled and taken elsewhere.
  • A total of 22 airlines will operate from the terminal
  • The terminal will have 32 international flights daily which will connect the city to 29 different global destinations.

The new terminal which is adjoining the existing airport was built in place of the Aerobridge that was present there.

Mr. Kishore has also said that once the main airport’s expansion is over, this terminal will be used as a Haj Terminal, a VIP terminal or may be dismantled altogether.

The exclusive interim international departure terminal facility is located close to the Haj Terminal facility and is adjacent to the international section of the main passenger terminal building.

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