10 Surprisingly Cool Airport Attractions Around The World!

Airports can sometimes be a boring place.

At many of them, the most exciting thing can be looking at airplanes flying through the big terminal windows.

But a few airports want passengers to have an exciting experience by offering fascinating, fun, or relaxing amenities.

Museums, thrill rides, dental surgeries and swimming pools are just some of the attractions you’ll find at the world’s busiest airports.

To give you more insight into how airports are making air travel unique, here are 10 super cool airport attractions that will make you wish your flight gets delayed.

1.Four Story Indoor Slide, Changi International Airport, Singapore

Getting around the world’s best airport is pretty easy, thanks to a 12 meter tall, steel tube slide, known as “Slide@T3”.

It is spread vertically across the 4 stories of the airport’s terminal 3 and you can slide down and check out the many other airport attractions on each floor like the fantastic shopping options, restaurants, cactus garden or the movie theatre.

The best part about this slide that it is suitable for both kids and adults.So go ahead and take a trip down the memory lane while you slide away at Changi Airport.

2.Beer Garden, Munich Airport, Germany

You can experience the Bavarian culture while sitting at the famous beer garden at the Munich Airport.

But this is no ordinary beer garden, it’s Europe’s largest roofed-in beer garden, complete with traditionally dressed waitresses and authentic German food including pork knuckles and beef goulash.

So enjoy the German way of life while you sit on your wooden tables , sipping on some freshly brewed beer while listening to some local live music.

You can even pre-book and reserve a table if you’re planning to transit through Munich Airport.

3.An Aquarium, Vancouver International Airport

If you’re flying to Vancouver, make sure you check out the airport’s enormous 114,000 litre aquarium, which contains a number of species native to Canada’s coastline.

These include rainbow-hued starfish, crimson anemones, wolf eels, jellyfish and giant kelp. In fact, its home to one of the rarest of Jellyfish species, the Pacific sea nettle jellyfish.

This  15cm thick and 5.2m deep beautiful aquarium is located in the international terminal of the airport.

4. Behind The Scenes Tour, Zurich International Airport

At Zurich Airport, you’re invited to take a sneak peak behind how exactly an airport functions.

“Airport Tours” offer a memorable way to see what it takes to move more than 2 million passengers a month.

Hop a bus on a sightseeing tour to see the runways, hangars, cargo areas, and even a nature conservation area between runways. You’ll also get a close-up of airplanes landing and taking off.

Additional guided tours take visitors through the check-in process and on a tour of the aircraft parking areas.

5.Live Concerts, John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York

Since its debut in 2009, JetBlue’s free “Live From T5” concert series has welcomed acts including Taylor Swift, Sarah McLachlan, and The Wanted.

Performances take place post-security at JetBlue’s terminal at JFK Airport and are exclusively for JetBlue passengers and contest winners.

A concert before take-off is a pretty good reason to hope for a flight delay!

6.“ Jaya He” Art Museum, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai

If you have travelled to the Terminal 2 of Mumbai airport, you must have come across the beautiful paintings and sculptures that are displayed at the ‘Jaya He’ Museum.

The museum has won many awards and is the largest airport museum art project in the world with more than 6,000 artworks.

The Jaya He museum spreads across 4 levels of the Terminal 2 and  displays Indian culture through beautiful paintings, arts & crafts and sculptures.

7.Full Size Dinosaur Skeleton, Chicago O’Hare International Airport

If you visit Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, you will come across a 72 foot long fibreglass dinosaur skeleton.

It’s a replica of the Brachiosaurus dinosaur skeleton excavated in 1900 by palaeontologist Elmer Riggs, who was working in Chicago’s Field Museum at the time.

For years its home was the entrance hall of the Field Museum of Natural History but was donated to the airport in 1999.

8.Ice Skating, Seoul Incheon Airport, South Korea

Apart from a 18 hole golf course, movie theatre and a casino , Incheon’s most unique airport amenity is the all season ice skating rink.

Lace up your white boots at the “Ice Forest” ice skating rink, ideal for kids, families, couples and anyone just looking to have some fun.

It is located in Terminal B1, and is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

9.Nap Rooms, Heathrow Airport, London

Airports have started proving napping pods and sleeping couches for weary passengers, but the Napping Rooms at London’s Heathrow airport are quite unique.

Located before the security checkpoint in Terminal 4, Yotel offers “cabins” complete with in suite bathrooms and comfy beds from £25 (about Rs 2400) for four hours of blissful sleep.

Post-security in Terminal 3, you’ll find twin and single in suite napping rooms with showers.

10.Wave Pool, Munich Airport

Between Terminal 1 & Terminal 2 of the Munich Airport, lays a giant pool that produces the world’s biggest stationary wave.

And the best part, It’s completely FREE !

Plus you don’t need to get your own gear. Complimentary loaner boards, helmets and wetsuits will be provided and surf instructors will be on duty offering encouragement and surfing tips.

Each year about 4,000 guests, locals and passengers alike, go for the wave , with plenty of spectators hanging out in deck chairs and at the makeshift beach bar near the pool.

So, the next time you happen to travel to one of these airports, spare some time to explore the spot by using the AirWhizz App. Get all the information about things to do and places to visit at the airport along with airline information and real-time flight updates on the move.

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