IndiGo Pilot Avoids Major Air Mishap At Chennai Airport!

It was a close shave for 40 passengers on board an IndiGo flight from  Rajahmundry to Chennai after a major air mishap was averted at Chennai Airport on Monday.

The plane’s second engine reportedly failed at the time of the landing, causing the pilot to declare Mayday.

IndiGo released a statement about the incident, saying that the pilot was forced to send the distress call after the aircraft suffered a technical glitch while landing. A full emergency had to be declared at Chennai airport following the incident.

The flight, 6E-7123, eventually landed at the airport after hovering for a while in the air. No passenger was injured during this incident.

Here are all the details of the incident:

  • The flight 6E 7124 with 51 persons, including four crew members, developed engine problem during its Rajamundry-Chennai flight
  • The pilot noticed shortly before its scheduled arrival time 5.45 pm that one of the two engines on the aircraft had failed
  • The pilot immediately alerted the ATC (air traffic control) tower at the Chennai airport, who told him to keep circling over the airport for about 30 minutes
  • ATC gave them clearance after taking all the precautionary and preparatory work for an emergency landing.
  • Great luck and skillful handling by the pilot saw the propeller aircraft land safely, without any injuries to any passengers of crew members.

The plane landed at about 6.15 pm and the visibly relieved passengers disembarked without panic.

Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has now ordered a probe into the engine failure and more importantly, on why the Chennai airport authorities, as well as the airlines, did not report the matter to the Authority as soon as it occurred.

Last Friday, another IndiGo aircraft had been involved in a possible air mishap after an IndiGo Airbus A320 Neo, flying from Lucknow to Kolkata, was forced to return to Lucknow following an issue with the aircraft’s engine. The flight 6E-866 returned to Lucknow, where it was grounded and the passengers were made to fly in an alternative plane


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