Pune Airport To Get Automatic Passport & Visa Scanning Gates!

Standing in serpentine queues and scrutiny by immigration officers could soon be a thing of the past at the Pune airport in Lohegaon.

The authorities at the facility are in the process of revamping the whole immigration setup. Under the new system, passengers will soon be able to scan their passports and visas at electronic immigration gates.

According to an airport official, A system is being designed under which, if a passenger has a valid passport and a visa, the gates will open and he/she can pass through.

At the moment, there are five immigration gates each in the arrival and departure areas, apart from three gates for those holding e-visas. The new system is expected to completely replace the existing system.

Of course, this does not mean there will be no immigration officers present. They will be there to monitor passengers movement. They can always question a passenger if the gates don’t open upon scanning or if they have doubts.

Airport officials are also working on developing another system to include a biometric scanner. This will enable passengers to authenticate themselves using their fingerprints.

The system is expected to roll out next year and is a part of the DigiYatra Programme.

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