Varanasi Airport To Have India’s 1st Facial Recognition Security System!

Air passengers from Varanasi airport will be among the first who can board flights via a facial recognition system.

Under Digi Yatra, which is a Civil Aviation Ministry initiative launched to promote paperless, hassle-free and speedy airport entry, a facial recognition system will be introduced at four government-run airports.

Varanasi airport Director Mr. AK Rai has said that the installation of the automated security system is already under process. The airport’s entry, security and boarding points, the automated walkthrough security scanners are being set up, which have been equipped with facial recognition technology.

After the installation of the system, security checks will be carried out through facial recognition as soon as travellers walk through the scanner.

However, there will be no alteration in the way the luggage of the passenger is being checked. The airport Director added that the system will be put into service over the next four months.

The four government-run airports for which the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has issued requests for proposal (RFP) are Varanasi, Pune, Kolkata and Vijayawada. AAI is inviting companies to work out the logistics as well as implement the system.

Under the Digi Yatra initiative, a passenger will first have to get a unique ID by registering on the Digi Yatra portal using an approved ID proof document such as Aadhaar, PAN or driving license.

Once this step is completed, the passenger will have to go through a one-time facial verification at an e-gate at the airport’s departure terminal.

Following this, the details will be stored on a centralized registration system and thereafter, the passenger’s face will act as the boarding pass. Then, the passenger after dropping off baggage, if any, can directly proceed for security check.

The aim of the ministry is to reduce the waiting time of passengers by implementing this system. It is also being expected by the ministry that the move will lead to a reduction in overall costs and ultimately in airfares.

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