10 Ways To Avoid Falling Ill When You Fly!

Being ill while travelling is probably something that has happened to most of us.

Whether they’re found in the less-than-sanitary conditions of an airplane or a hotel room, germs lurk everywhere and it takes a lot of preparation to avoid getting sick when you travel.

Airplanes are notorious breeding grounds for nasty germs and its no surprise if you think of the number of people who have sat on your flight’s seat.

And unfortunately, plenty of studies have shown that even when they’ve been cleaned, airplanes are still pretty gross.

But don’t let your next trip be ruined by an unwelcome bug that leaves you feeling awful. These healthy habits will help you avoid getting ill so you can stay fit and make the most of your holiday.

1.Use Antibacterial Wipes Before You Sit Down

Pretty much everyone will agree that one thing every traveller should stash in their bag is antibacterial wipes.

They can be used to quickly sanitize everything you touch.

On an airplane, wipe down the tray table, arm rests, buttons, seat belt, window shade and air vent knobs before you sit down.

It may seem a bit weird to others but remember that this you’re doing this to keep yourself protected against germs.

2. Avoid The Airplane Seat’s Back Pocket

While the seatback pocket on an airplane may seem like a handy compartment to store things you’ll be using in-flight, you might want to think twice about it to avoid getting sick when you travel.

Many passengers treat that pocket like a wastebasket, using it to dispose of their trash, used tissues, and even dirty diapers.

Since it’s unlikely that cleaning crews are thoroughly disinfecting each seatback pocket, it’s best to avoid them altogether.

3.Wash Your Hands Frequently

No matter how careful you are, your hands are bound to come in contact with germs when you travel.

Everything you touch is potentially carrying something you don’t want. Make sure you wash your hands frequently to get rid of any germs.

4.Avoid Touching Your Face While Travelling

This tip may seem odd but there’s a practical explanation for this.

Keep your hands away from your face , especially your mouth, nose and eyes.

If you’ve picked up a bug from shaking someone’s hand or while holding on to a pole in your bus, the germs tend to linger on your hands.

When you then touch your face (eyes, mouth or nose), you increase the chances of that bug transferring from your skin to a mucous membrane, where it can thrive and cause illness.

5.Keep Your Seat’s Air Vents On

You may be prone to turning off the air vent above you on an airplane because you think it’s circulating stale air or because you’re cold. But according to travel experts that might be a mistake.

Using that tiny vent can actually work to your advantage, as it can help you avoid contact with certain microorganisms that can get you sick during a flight.

6.Bring Your Own Blanket & Pillow

These days, many travellers try to travel with only a carry-on to avoid baggage fees, which means eliminating a lot of excess stuff.

But you might want to consider carrying your own blanket and pillow on the airplane with you.

While it’s difficult to pass judgment on all blankets and pillows on all airlines, it’s probably a safe bet that they’re not as clean as your own personal items.

So the next time you try to get cozy and catch some sleep on a flight, use your own blanket and pillow so you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the airline’s.

7.Avoid Tea Or Coffee In-Flight

A good cup of tea or coffee can start your morning right but maybe not on an airplane.

According To Business Insider, the water for tea and coffee comes not from bottles but from the airplane taps which have been known to fail safety standards.

In fact, USA’s Environmental Protective Agency recently did a study which found coliform and E.coli in the water on many airplanes.

Plus, the coffee and tea served in-flight is not brewed to a boiling point, which would kill off bacteria.

So, skip the lukewarm beverage and wait until you’ve landed to get a good, hot cuppa.

8.Choose Your Seat Wisely

Try to sit towards the front of the airplane so that you can exit quickly.

After landing (on some flights), the back door is opened and fumes from the fuel enter the airplane, especially affecting the back seats.

Avoid these fumes by choosing your seat wisely.

9.Stay Hydrated

Dehydration makes it easier to pick up illness.

And drinking alcohol contributes to dehydration. Avoid alcohol on the plane and even the day before you fly.

Once you pass the security gate you can buy or fill up water in an empty water bottle before your flight.

10.Use A Mask Or Nasal Screens

A mask can offer some protection for you if other passengers are ill or for other passengers if you are ill.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask, try nasal screens, which are almost invisible and allow you to even eat while filtering your air.


*After taking these precautions if you still fall ill while flying, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

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Stay Healthy & Fly Stress-Free!

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