Government Clears Plan For Greenfield Airport In Arunachal!

The dream of having an airport in Arunuchal Pradesh’s capital city is on its way to becoming a reality after the union finance ministry on Friday cleared the proposal for the greenfield airport in Hollongi.

The Ministry of Environment and Forest and the Steering Committee of the Ministry of Civil Aviation had also cleared the proposal for the greenfield airport on December 28Th.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu said the greenfield airport, estimated at a cost of Rs 1,055 crore, will be a state-of-the-art infrastructure which will propel economic development besides improving connectivity for the local population.

After a detailed discussion, the Public Investment Board of the Finance Ministry approved the land acquisition rate as proposed by the committee and endorsed by the state government.

However, the board noted that it would be the responsibility of the state to hand over the land free of all encumbrances to the Airport Authority of India and set a target to have the airport ready within 4 years.

According to Mr Pema Khandu “It’s matter of great joy for Team Arunachal that today the decades-old dream of having our own airport has been realized. I thank the the government of India for their unstinted support in having this project see the light of day,”

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