Smog Delays Flights In Bengaluru, Chennai & Delhi!

Flight operations were disrupted at major airports across India today morning, after heavy fog & smog took over.

Due to smog, flights were disrupted in Bengaluru, Chennai & Delhi. Airlines have forewarned passengers of likely delays in the coming few days. On Sunday too, as many as 35 flights were delayed in Bengaluru, 30 in Chennai.

The departure and arrival delays continued through the day at the airport and as many as 18 flights arriving at Chennai, some of which were flying from Kuwait, Sharjah and Delhi, had to be diverted to Bengaluru and Hyderabad airports.

According to Bengaluru International Airport Limited(BIAL), a result of the fog, the departure of 35 flights and the arrival of another 16 flights were delayed yesterday. The tech hub’s airport has an average of 300 departures and arrivals each on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Delhi, which celebrated Lohri on Sunday along with Punjab, woke up to a misty Monday morning. The minimum temperature in Delhi was recorded at 6 degrees Celsius. Flight to and from Indira Gandhi International airports were also delayed.

Today, Tamil Nadu celebrates the Bhogi festival, wherein bonfires will be lit. Bonfires combined with high humidity, low temperature and moisture may cause smog, which will disrupt visibility further.

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