10 Travel Hacks To Make Your Airport Journey A Breeze!

For frequent flyers travelling through an airport is easy, but for most of us getting through the airport can be a tricky business.

The long queues, boring waits or worst, lost luggage can ruin anybody’s holiday buzz.

But if you’re well prepared, there are plenty of tricks that can make your airport journey a bearable experience.

To have a stress free and seamless experience at the airport, here are 10 travel hacks that will make your journey from the airport entrance to the boarding gate a breeze.

1. Take Pictures Of Your Luggage


Losing your luggage at the airport can be frustrating, especially if the airline misplaces it.

Click a few pictures of your check-in luggage before you leave for the airport. This will make it easier for airport staff to locate it if it goes missing in transit.

Describing your bag to a member of staff at a foreign airport could prove tricky so its good to be prepared.

2.Pack An Empty Water Bottle In Your Carry-On Bag

Airports have a reputation for being notoriously expensive when it comes to purchasing food or water. Plus you aren’t allowed to carry liquids during security checks.

However, security staff will allow you to carry empty bottles.

Once your security check is done, you can go to any water dispenser located at the food court or the boarding area and fill up your bottle.

Stay hydrated and fly healthy!

3.Check-In Next To First/Business Class Line

With things becoming automated these days, airports have installed self check-in kiosks for the convenience of the passenger.

But, most passengers want to take the conventional route and collect their tickets form the check-in desks.

Many seasoned travellers suggest that you should join the check-in line near the first/business class counter.

This is because mostly these lines have fewer passengers and if the counter is free, the desk agent can help you check-in, even if you’re traveling in the economy class.

4. Make Use Of The Internet

If your flight gets delayed and aren’t sure what’s going on, avoid the sea of people crowding the desk agent and trying to get information.

Jump online and check your airline’s official website. They will update the status of your flight without fail.

It’s also worth contacting your airline on Twitter as their customer service representatives are prompt to reply with all the necessary information.

5. Go To The Left At Security Checkpoint

After you’ve checked in and collected your boarding pass, the next step is to go through a security check.

Since a majority of people are right-handed, they tend to select the security lane on the right when faced with a choice.

This means that there’ll be fewer people standing in the left side queue at airport security counter.

Going through security can be torturous, so speed up the process by turning left!

6. Prepare For Security In The Queue Itself

The security queue is always the longest, as nobody seems to be prepared for it despite the fact that the process is always the same.

Don’t wait until you get to the front of the line to take your phone, keys, loose change and other stuff.

Take care of it while waiting in the inevitable security line.

7. Check Out The Lost & Found Section

If you’ve forgotten to pack an everyday item like a phone charger or headphones, you should definitely go to the ‘Lost & Found’ desk at the airport.

Anything that has been in lost and found for up to 90 days is no longer the property of its owner.

So if they have the item, you’re looking for, that has been in their possession for over 90 days, they can hand it over to you.

8. Find An Empty Boarding Gate During Layovers Or Delays

If you have a few hours to spare and don’t want to visit an expensive airport lounge, opt for a boarding gate which is not being used.

You’ll have a peaceful and comfortable experience when you have seats, power outlets and Wi-Fi signals to yourself at an empty gate.

Just make sure that you sit at a place where you can hear the announcements related to your flight.

9. Be Careful When Wearing Headphones

Listening to music, streaming a podcast or watching a movie on your mobile device helps pass time when you are waiting for your flight.

But, it also puts you at the risk of missing important announcements like a change in the boarding gate or a boarding call.

Make sure that you’re alert at all times and keep the volume low.

10. Be Informed About Your Destination or Layover Airport

You’re probably pretty familiar with your home airport, but layover/destination airports can get confusing, especially if you’re in foreign lands.

Today there are apps that help you map the airport by providing you with information about different amenities available at each terminal.

This can save you time if you’re trying to find food or toiletries during a tight connection.

Also running around the airport looking for a gate number is hardly relaxing, so map out your route by using these apps.

If you’re wondering which app to use, look no further. Simply download the AirWhizz App to get all the information you need about your airport along with real-time flight updates, information about airline policies and many other air travel services on the move.

Breeze through the airport with these simple hacks and Fly Stress-Free!

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